Plot Edit

Leo Doubys Himself As ARed Ranger Again When His Friends Are Kiddnapped By The Soundtrack Warrior

Transcript Edit

Scorpuis Failer The Rangers Have Ther Megazords

Furio Yesa IK

Scorpuis GTFO

Furio Ugh He Wont Appreate Me

Trakenna Haha

Furio Wtf

Soundtrack Warrior He Will If I Kiddnapp The 5 Rangers

Furio Go

Leo Ugh Mike Should Of Been Red Ranger

Mike Bullshit U are Worthy Im Not

Leo No U ARE Here

Mike Nope Not Taking It

Sw Rangers

Leo Ugh Its Him

SW Ahhh U Arrived

Leo Times Up




Furio Wat Its Red Ranger

SW Yes The 4 Are Mine

Trakenna Father that Replsive fool Furio Went Out by Himself

Scorpuis How Dare He

SW Yes 4 Of Em Are Mine

Furio now Its Red Ranger We Need Then Scorpuis Will Like Me

Trakenna Hahaha Now Furio Will Getr In Trouble And He Will be a baby

SW Yes Rangers

Kai Uh Oh Were Fucked

Furio Red Ranger Join Ur Friends

Leo No


Furio Wat


Kai Thanks Bro

Furio Fools

Deca Rangers Damon Restored The megaship From Its Kaboom In The Ultimate Fall Part 1 U Need The Weapons

Leo Yes Ha Ur Doomed

Furio Uh Oh Handle them sucker


Kai Galaxy Strike


Furio Seeds Make Him Grow

Kai Uh Oh

SW Yes Ur Doomed

Leo Glaxyu Megazord Fire sorwad

SW Ur Dead

Leo Saber Strike


Furio Masterr Scorpuis I Failed

Scorpyuis Yes U Betrayed Me U Big Doikhead

Furio Wat

Scorpuis Trakenna Told me

Furio Fool No

Scorpuis Ur Punched

Furio Yes

The End

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Leos Fight
Air date 26 Feb 1999
Written by User:Letter guy
Directed by User:Of Ther 2
Episode Guide
Power Of The Saber
The Galaxy Quest

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