Plot Edit

Right Away The TF Rangers Call The LR Rangers And They Arrive The 12 Rangers Get Reddy To Take Down Vypra & Ransik Who Have Teamed Up Wth Each Other Ransik Sends 2 Muntians After The 12 Rangers And They Take The Muntions Down And Destroy Vypra Ransik Escapes Angry

Transcript Edit

(Jen Calls Dana)

Dana wtf do u want

Jen Mitchell Wants u

Dana Oh kk

Jen 1Ranger Down

Wes Hey Dumbass

Carter Wtf

Wes Mitchell Wants u

Cartyer Who He Wants to Suk on some poo

Wes No Ur Gross

Carter Coming

Eric Hey Dyumbass Yea Come

Ryan Really?

Kelsey Yes

Katie Get Ur ass here

Kelsey kk

Chad Hey Wheres my

Lucas Get Here fool

Chad kk

Joel Ahh yes

Fairweather we were Meant to be-

Trip Get Here fool

Joel kk

Mitchell ok 12 Rangers U Need To Go And Stop Vypra & Ransik

Jen And Vypra Was ur villian

Joel Yea She Poped Out Of Star Wars IIII (The Clone Wars)

Lucas U Like Star Wars 2

Joel YUS

Lucas Lets tallk

Mitchell NOT NOW

Lucas bitch

Mitchell Go Rangers

Eric Yes

Ransik So U Want To Tewam Up Wth me

Vypra Yes Cos of dofus QB Betraying me

Ransik kk (farts)

Eric Ha Theres Ransik

Ransik Qautem Ranger I See U Ur a fool

Eric Qautem Power

Ryan Lightspeed Power

Eric Qautem Cannon

Ryan Blaster Cannon Mode


Ransik No-


Nadira Yes Shopping as One Shit

Wes U

Carter Yea U

Nadira Ha


Jen Yes The Warriors Will Shit Not These Shits


Trip & Joewl Ha


Lucas Uh Oh


Katie Huh Wheres


Katie Uh Oh Fuck

Ransik Qautem Ranger

Ryan Ha


Eric Ha


Wes Were Together Again

Katie Commbind

Dana Blasters

Vypra U fools



Vypra Im History-


Dana Yes

Ransik Fool


(The 12 unmorph and fall & Ransik Escapes)

Mitchell Goodjob Rangers That Was Good Teamwork

Dana But Wat abut Ransik

Wes We Will Handle Him

Dana kk

Joel Hey Lucas Srtar Wars Episode 36

(Mitchell Grabs Joel y The Ear And pulls him)


(the 6 LR Rangers Leave Along wth mitchell And Yea Just That)

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 4 November 2001
Written by User:Returned 16

User:Six Is Gone

Directed by User:Lazyguy 500
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