Plot Edit

Master Xandrend Finds The Silver Samuraizer And Uses All It's Power On Himself He Creates A Silver Ranger And Orders Him To Destroy The Rangers

Transcript Edit

Xandrend So The Sixrh Samurai Ranger Was A fool

Octoroo watabut the 8th

Xandrend Yes I have A Silver Samuraizer In My room Yes Here It Is Serrator And The Power Rangers Will Die

Dayu Deker Whats The Plan

Deker Get My Sorwad Off That Fool

Jayden Guys What are u doing

Antino A Attack

Xandrend Fools

Silver Ranger Hello Rangers Miss Me

Jayden No A 7th Ranger

Silver Ranger fools Lets See If My Powers Better Than urs

Antino A 7th Ranger

Xandrend its Actleuy The 8th

Jayden Yeah

Xandrend idiot


Silver Ranger Evil Cann


Antino Ugh (unmorphs)

(the 5 others unmorph)

Serrator So A 8th Ranger That fool Xandrend Luckley I Hae That Stupid Warriors Sorwad

Dayu Ugh A 8th Ranger

Deker Foolish Isnt It

Xandrend the Rangers Are Down

Silver Ranger No2w Who

Xandrend Serrators Turn

To Be Contined...

Looking For A Silver Ranger
Season 1, Episode 11
Antino And Ji
Air date 23 October 2016
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by James Barr

Judd Lynn (as Chip Lynn)

Episode Guide
Too Much Power
The Zord Lies Behond Power

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