Plot Edit

Lord Zedd Arrives And Punichs Goldar For The Fails And Sends The Bomb Warrior He Blows Up Lots Of Shops

Transcript Edit

Goldar Zedd Ur Here

Lord Zedd Ahh Goldar Yes The Only One That Survived Outta Ritas Crew For Ur Punichmant On Not Destroying The So Called Power Rangers U Get Ur Wings Bak And Dont Send Any Warriors Yes Today

Goldar Aggred Thanks My So Called Master

LZ Now As For The Power Rangers I'l Finsh Em

Tommy YTa Ya Ya

Ernie Um What Are U Doing

Tommy Pracktizing My Skills

Jason Tommy Theres A Attack

Tommy Lets Go

Bomb Warrior This Is Fun

Jason You

Tommy Wow Goldars Warrior

LZ Not Exlactley I Am Lord Zedd The New Invater Taking Over That Dickhead Ritas Provel

Tommy Guys Saber Strike


LZ Oh No Staff Power


Tommy Ugh Final Cannon Now

Jason Yes Aggred

Tommy Final Cannon


LZ Fool Is That The Best U Can Do To Fight Me




Tommy Ugh (6 Unmorph)

LZ This Is My Planet Lets Grow Big

Jason Guys Red Power Crok Megazord Warrior Mode


LZ Boo Hoo Hoo U Cant Defeat Me


(the crok Megazord Is Damged)

Jason Ultra Megazord

Tommy Dragon Megazord

LZ Very Pathetic

Tommy No Milles

LZ Sherid



(the 2 Megazords Are Down)

Tommy Ugh

Jason We Have No Megazords Left

Zordon Oh No Ther Gone

Alpha Not Yet They Arent The Sprang Megazord Guys U Can Defeat The Warriors Wth These

Tommy Sprang Megazord

Jason Wow Wtf Is This

LZ Ahhh Another Zoird

Jason Yeah Sprang Ticket


LZ Im Outta Here

(lz Escapes)

Goldar So U Failed

LZ No Bomb Warrior Destroy Em ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Bomb Warrior At Ur Serves

Jason Spring Ticket


Bomb Warrior No-


LZ Failed No No No

Jason So Now That

Ms Apbley No Tommy & Jason No

Bullk Haha

Ms Apbley Im Telling Caption On U Bullk

The End

Lord Zedd Arrives
Season 1, Episode 20
Lord Zedd And Goldar
Air date 12 August 1994
Written by Jim Krieg

Jarrad Waite (as Wait) Mark Hoffmeier

Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Goldar Returns
The attack Of The Mighty Z

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