Plot Edit

For His Final Alsut Lord Zedd Captures Aisha & Tommy And Lures The Other 4 Into His Trtap

Transcript Edit

Scorpina Im Sorry Zedd I Tryed

LZ U Fool

Goldar Scorpinas Right We Helped U Wth The Retro Staff & More

LZ UGH Im Going Down

Tommy Um Ernie Its Time

Ernie Yes

Rocky I Say Were Powerful Look We Defeated Rita And

LZ ImBack Earth This Time To Shut U Up

Tommy Its Zedd

Rocky Hes Mine Spring Megazord

LZ Ahhh The Spring Zord Time To Die Fire Milles




Tommy Ugh No The Spring Megazords Gone Hes Mine Tigerzord White Blast


LZ Miss Me Laughs

Tommy IUgh No Matter How Were Trying He Keeps Winnginng

LZ Yes Ur Fools Prepper For My Beem

Rocky Tommys His Gonna


Tommy Ugh

LZ I Am The Emperor

Tommy Ugh His Too Tough

Rocky Zordon His Too Tough How Are We Suppses To Beat Him

Zordon Ultra Zord

Tommy Of Corse

Aisha Lets Go

LZ Goodbye Universe

Rocky Ultra Megazord

LZ Ultra Lameos



LZ Yes 3 Megazords Doiwn

Rocky Lord Zedd Come And Face Me....

To Be Contined.....

Lord Zedd Strikes
Season 2, Episode 43
Air date 30 June 1995
Written by User:Pillowcokie & User:Rest 23
Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Hideaway (Episode)
The death Of Lord Zedd

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