Plot Edit

The Silver Ranger And Jayden Fight Jayden Mangers To Break The Spell But Xandrend Fights Jayden

Transcript Edit

Lauren Wheres Jayden

Antino After The Silver Ranger

Serrator Ugh Pestiox Go

Pestox Yes

Silver Ranger Red Ranger Ahhh Yes Get Outta My Way

Jayden No

Silver Ranger Evil Cann


Jayden No Strike


Silver Ranger No Huh Yes I Shall BeOn The Side Of Good Now

Jayden Yes

Xandrend Fool My Evil Ranger Impossable Serrator Is A idiot I Want My Revenge

Ji Go Inspecter Gaget

Kevin Bullzooka


Pestox No-


Serrator Impossable He Was Invisable

Pestox Now Il Destroy u

Silver Ranger No u Wont

Xandrend Time To Die Red Ranger

Jayden No

Serrator Ugh Deker

Deker Give Me My Sorwad

Serrator No I Shall Destroy The Thing Wth It

Dayu Dekwer No

Serrator Fool

Pestox Ha

Kevin Loxy Megazord

Antino Gold Megazord

Pestox 2 Of Them

Kevin Loxy Gold Megazord Gold Blast


Pestox Impossable-


Xandrend Another Day Red Ranger I Got Big Fish To Fry

Jayden Quick

Serrator Deker Ur A Fool

Deker No Im Not Actley Ur The idiot here Now Give Me My Fuking Sorwad

Serrator Never

Jayden Whats that guys the red thing

Mike Sauza Water

Kevin Wheres The Silver Ranger

Jayden I Dont Know

Antino Xandrends Attack Must Be Soon

The End

Master VS Red Ranger
Season 1, Episode 13
Red River
Air date 2 Feb 2017
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
The Zord Lies Behonde Power
Serrator's Plan

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