Plot Edit

Eyescar Shoots 6 Rangers Making Them Forgetten And They Dont know Who Master Xandrend Is Its Up To The Rest To Save Them

Transcript Edit

Xandrend Ugh No Dayu & Deker Are Gone

JaydenGuys Xandrend has Only Got 1 Monster Left we Need To Destroy Him

Emliy yes

Eyescar Let Me

Jayden U Are Going Down


Jaydens Brother No Ugh

Jayden No

Eyescar Master 6 Rangers Are Mine

Xandrend Good Now Get The 2 So I Can Destroy Them

Emliy whos xandrend

Jaysden Ha


Eyescar Fools Times up


Jayden Bullzooka


Eyescar Yes Im Bak

Antino Now

Silver ranger The Zord Power

Eyescar 1 Mwegazord Is Easty

Silver Ranger Zap


Eyescar No-


Antino That Was Easy


Antino Ugh

Xandrend Gold ranger i Need Ur Power

To Be Contined.....

Master Who
Season 1, Episode 19
The 6 Rangers
Air date 6 November 2017
Written by Judd Lynn & Will Fouracres With Blake Fitzpatrick (As Blake Fitz)
Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Samurai Ends
The End

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