Plot Edit

Trent Gets A headacke By The Headacke Warrior Zeltrax Returns And Yea Betrays Mesogog Elsa Also Creates A Evil White Dino Thunder Ranger Witch Defeats Tommy Will Tis Be Intresting

Transcript Edit

(In A Place)

Zeltrax Yes Ive....Survived From Them Morons

Elsa Master A Clone

Mesogog The Last Time We Made A Clone It Was Destroyed By The White Ranger

Elsa Yes But A Plan

HW Yes Im Here

Zeltrax Destroy Them Dino Lossers I Will Make Dr O Suffer And Mesogog

Tommy Guys We Have Got Some Bussness To Do

Conner what bussness

Tommy fucking Bussness

Conner cool

Zeltrax Now To Get Dr Os Atten Strike The White Ranger

HW Yes Sir


Tommy Um Guyus


Trent ugh

Evil White Ranger Yes Im Back

Elsa Go And What

Mesogog What That Fuck Zeltrax Has Returned

Zeltrax Die


Tommy Were Here

Zeltrax Ahhh Black Ranger Its Time

Tommy But U Were Destroyed

Zeltrax Oh No

(5 DaysAgo)

Zeltrax Ugh Yes Im Bak

Tommy Well Ur Going Down Super Dino Mode

Trent Ugh White Power Ugh

Zeltrax Meet My Sorwad


Tommy Blade

Zeltrax Put That Blade Away

Tommy Blade This


Zeltrax No

Trent U

Zeltrax U Moron

Conner Dino Cannon


Zeltrax Fool....Its Time My Megazord

Trent Shit

Tommy Trent Use The Strik Megazord

Trent Striuk Megazord

Zeltrax Foolish White Ranger




Zeltrax Now Ur In My Power MAWAWAWAWA

Tommy RaP Megazord

Conner Golf Megazord

Zeltrax Fool




Trent Strik Strike Byue Zely




Zeltrax No


(Fires All Around The Area)

Tommy Ugh Zeltrax No

Trent Guys Commbo

Zeltrax No Theres No commbos

Trent Yes GolfRapStrik Megazord

Zeltrax What Im Outta Here

Tommy No Strike


Zeltrax What Fools U r Im Going To Plot

Mesogog If U Dont Join My Army U Shall Suffer

Zeltrax Get Reket

Elsa y r U Crazy

Zeltrax Oh The Final Plan The Destrction of the Black Ranger Bye (Leaes)

Mesogog If U DONT COME BAK Here U Will Clean Up My Shit im ABUT TO SHIT He Will Regreat It That Moron

The End

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Air date 23 October 2004
Written by User:Logged/User:NickFusi0n
Directed by User:Power Over Him
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Ninja School Returns Part 2
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