Zords Edit


Monsters Edit


Rangers Edit

Tommy (Mighty Morphin gren/White Ranger)

Jason/Rocky (Mighty Morphin Red Ranger)

Zack/Adam (Mighty Morphin Black Ranger)

Trini/Aisha (Mighty Morphin yellow ranger)

Kim (Mighty Morphin pink rangeer)

Billy (Mighty Morphin blue ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 The attack Of The Mighty Z

2 A Rangers Duty

3 Jasons Brain

4 The Fall Of The Green Ranger

5 The Pills Of Power

6 Green Plans Part 1

7 Green Plans Part 2

8 Power Of The Fist

9 White Challages

10 Full Of Fear

11 The Leave Part 1

12 The Leave Part 2

13 A Hideaway For The New Friends

14 Friend Or Foe

15 Goldars Turn

16 The Big Z Attacks

17 The Return Of Rita Replsa

18 Finster Comes Back

19 A Retro Staff

20 Two For One

21 Floor For The Four

22 Hideaway (Episode)

23 Lord Zedd Strikes

24 The death Of Lord Zedd

25 Tommys Dream

26 Fortress Of The Master

Mighty Morphin 2
Season 2
General Information
Genre Go Go Power Rangers
Season(s) 2
Original run 13 August 1994 - 21 July 1995
Episodes 26
Starring Jason David Frank

Thuy Trang/Karan Ashley Walter Jones/Johnny Young Bosch Austin St John/Steven Cardenas David Yost Amy Jo Johnson

Created By Ernief
Written By Judd Lynn Judd Nelson & Will Fouracres Wth Ernief
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 (ernief) (1993)"
Succeeded by
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 (1995)"

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