Mighty Morphin 1 Ernief
General Information
Genre Go Go Power Rangers
Season(s) 1
Original run 21 September 1993 - 12 August 1994
Episodes 20
Starring Austin St John

Amy Jo Johnson Jason David Frank Thuy Trang David Yost Walter Jones

Created By User:Ernief0000
Written By Ernief & Judd Lynn
Series Guide
Preceded by
Succeeded by
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2) (1994)"


PryManits Zord

T-Tox Zord

Lemon Zord

Jesk Zord

Ploug Zord

Hik Zord

Monsters Edit

Hat Guy

Floo Guy

Hydro Guy


Clork Warrior

Lex-Ro Warrior

Stomp Warrior

Rangers Edit

Jason (Mighty Morphin Red Ranger)

Kim (Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger)

Trini (Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger)

Zack (Mighty Morphin Black Ranger)

Billy (Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger)

Tommy (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger)


1 Back In Action

2 Where The Bogger Man Attacks

3 The Attrack Of Kimberlee

4 The New Weapon

5 Who Opened

6 Attack Of Rita

7 Power Rangers Attack Plan

8 Where The Zord Attacks The Villians Plan

9 The New Ranger

10 The Death Of Doom

11 Energey Impressed

12 Energey Escaped

13 Ritas Wrath

14 The death of rita

15 Where Goldar Plans....

16 The Survival Of Ernief

17 Attacking Finster

18 Babbon And Sqatt Price

19 Goldar Returns

20 Lord Zedd Arrives

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