Mighty Morphin 3/Alien Rangers
Season 3
General Information
Genre Go Go Power Rangers
Season(s) 3
Original run 22 July 1995 - 11 Feb 1996
Episodes 30
Starring Jason David Frank

Steven Cardenas Amy Jo Johnson/Catherine Sutherland David Yost Karan Ashley Johnny Young Bosch

Created By William Fouracres & Ernief
Written By Judd Lynn & Ernief
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 (1994)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Zeo 1996 Ernief"

Rangers/Alien Rangers Edit

Kim/Cat (Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger)

Tommy (Mighty Morphin White Ranger)

Rocky (Mighty Morphin Red Ranger)

Aisha (Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger)

Billy (Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger)

Adam (Mighty Morphin Black Ranger)

Ninja (ally)

Aurico (Red Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger)

Delphine (White Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger)

Cestro (Blue Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger)

Tideus (Yellow Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger)

Corcus (Black Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 The Masters Leaddership

2 Ninja The Legend

3 A White Stranger Part 1

4 A White Stranger Part 2

5 A White Stranger Part 3

6 The Ranger Counts

7 Ambush For The Great Ninja (part 1)

8 Kat! She Must Come (part 2)

9 A Girls Power (Part 3)

10 Terror For Kim (Part 4)

11 The Morph Of Power (Part 5)

12 Where The Plan Goes (Part 6)

13 Last Turn Part 1 (Part 7)

14 The Last Turn Part 2 (Part 8)

15 Zedd's Revenge

16 Kat! The New Member Of Angel Grove

17 The Zeo Crystel (Episode) (Part 1)

18 The Crystels Power (Part 2)

19 Command Chase (Part 3)

20 The Frist & The Only (Part 4)

21 Alien Rangers Return Pt 1

22 Alien Rangers Return Pt 2

23 Yorking The Dork

24 Fighting For A Crystel

25 Crystel Energey

26 Planet For A Crystel

27 Jorney's Begin

28 A Force From The Place

29 Eye Of The Sparro

30 Jorney's End (Power Rangers (Ernief)

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