This is the first episode of Minecrafter by Maximus Loo2012.



(Sky): Is everyone in the server?

(Limon): Yeah, hi. Wow, this place is full of Obsidian.

(Frau): IKR.

(Erodia): Hey, I see you, Frau. (attacks him)

(Sky): Hey, let's split. Me and Erodia in one team.

(Limon): Okay, whatevs.

The Void suddenly comes into sight

(Erodia): I got an idea, lets try to throw TNT at The Void, it'll be epic.

(Limon): Why not?

They start attacking The Void

(Sky): Oh shit, something is happening...

(Erodia): Maybe it wasn't such a great idea.

(Limon): Run!!! (runs)


SERVER 3.1.4

(Sky): Why are there words on me? Sky 13? Hey, that's my....

(All): Stats! Craaaaaaap!

(Enderman): ...

(Limon): If I am not wrong, we just destroyed his home.

(Sky): CHOP TREE! (cuts tree) Wood! (builds Crafting Table)

(Erodia): More trees! Then build a Pickaxe! (chops more trees)

(Sky): Hey, OBSIDIAN!

(Limon): stole my thunder... (attacks Obsidian with Diamond Pickaxe)




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