Plot Edit

When The 4 Rangers Are Kiddnapped By Darkonda Zhane & Andros Try To Track Them Wth Tallking Abut Ther TimesWhen They Were Younger

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Air date 19 October 1998
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by Mike Smith
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Expect The Other One

Triva Edit

This Ep Is The Frist Flashback One Or 2nd

Darkonda Now Has 4 Lives

Transcript Edit

Daronda DS I Failed To Get The Armmor

DS Dosent Matter Kiddnapp The Rangers

Darkonda Yes As U Wish

TJ Guys A Attack

Cassie Wheres Andros & Zhane

TJ We'll Have To Go Wthout Them

TJ Darkonda

Darkonda Only 4 Of U


Andros Deca Wtf Where Are The Others

Deca They Went To Stop A Villian

Andros Well Lets Go Space Power

Zhane Silver Power

Darkonda Ahh 4 Of U At My Command

TJ Why

(andros & Zhane Are Wallking)

Andros Yeah We Had Lots Of Fun

Zhane Aggred

(11 Yrs Ago)

Zhane yea Fun

Andros Aggred

(11 Yrs Later)

Zhane Remember In 1989

Zhane YUS

(9 Yrs Ago What the Fuck Ever)

Andros Lets Go Up Here

(9 Yrs Later)

Andros Then That Thing Happend

Zhane Yes IK

(100 Yrs Ago)



Zhane We Must Hide

Andros Aggred In Here

Zhane What Are We Going To Do


Astromea Bew Destroyed

Zhane Silver Power

Andros No Run

(100 Yrs Later)

Zhane Now To

Andros Shhhh Werew Here

Zhane Silver Power

Andros No Wwe Must

Astromea Ahhhh The Silver & Red Ranger Elicpter Lets Kill Em

E;icpter Yes

(ElicpterSlashs Andros)

Zhane Cycle Mode Bak Off Astromea Ur Annoying As Hell


Astromea Another Day... (Leaves)

Darkonda Goodbye Space Rangers

Zhane Hey U




Darkonda Wat The Silver Space Ranger

TJ Yeah Times Up

Andros Elicpter Games Over


Elicpter Another Day Red Ranger (He Leaves)

Darkonda U Shall Pay

Andros No U Will Trydo Cannon

Zhane Silver Blaster Fire Mode



Darkonda No-


Astromea Thats His 5th Live Gone

Darkonda (Goes Big) Rangers Im Not Done Yet

Zhane Silver Line Megazord

Andros Cent Megazord

Darkonda Fools




Zhane Line Rocket Lets Aim For Him

Darkonda Wat

Zhane Fire


Darkonda Im Done For-


DS Elicpter Stop ighting Wth My Bravest General

Elicpter Yes Aggred But His Foolish

DS U Keep Doing That And Il Get Rid Of U!

zHANE So That Was Darkondas 5th Live Gone

Andros Aggred We'll Take Him On Anyday Anytime

The End

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