Plot Edit

Gia Gets Mad And Starts To Dispise The Rangers After Shes Hit By Vraks Latest Warrior Also The Rangers Morphers Are Cut Off By Mallkors Newest Manchine

Triva Edit

Mallkor Tells Creepox About The Regaiul War Where Robo Knight Was Made By Gosei

Transcript Edit

Gia Hey Fuckers I'm Back

Gosei Gia Go Away Were Tallking About Shit

Gia What About?

Gosei Nonya

Gia Fuck U Worthless Cunt

Gosei Robo Knight Was Created By Me At The Regaiul War

(200 Years Ago)

Gosei I Must

Vrak Hello Fool

Gosei Fuck Off Robo Knight Ur Reddy Attack

Vrak Oh Shit


Gosei So Yeah That's All

Creepox Master I Have A Plan

Mallkor No I Do

Vrak I Have The Warrior For The Job

Mallkor Good Shoot The Yellow Ranger In The Boobs

Gia Ugh Wtf r U Looking At

Ernie Nothing

Gia Well Stop

Water Warrior Laughs Ya


Gia Ugh Shit My Boobs

Ernie Oh Yeah Let Me Feel Em

Gia Ahhh Get Off Me U Sick Freak

Ernie Screw U

WW Laughs

Gosei Rangers Water Warrior Shoot Gia In The Boobies

Troy Lets Stop His Cock

WW Fools

Gia Hey U Ur Cock Is Going Down

Vrak Oh No Its Not 2 Aginst 1 Lets Crush This Gun

Gia Ok Yellow Force Power Saber




Gia Ugh

Troy Hey Who r U

Vrak Mind Ur Own Bussness WW Crush Ther Peniss

Troy The Only Penis That Will Be Crashed Is Yours

Vrak Ha Maybe Another Day (Retreats)

Troy Ha WW Shut Ur Mouth

WW Slliance I'm Going To Destrouy U




(The 5 Unmorph)

Emma Ok Ur Going Down

WW Stupid Dill I Will Crash Ur Flesh

Vrak Refection Beem

WW What Oh Shit

Troy Oh Man

WW Fools I'm Going To Destroy U

Troy Rocket Megazord Mille Punch


WW No-


Tr9oy Ur D**K Shuts Up Now

Mallkor That Was A Dumb Plan But I Have Another Warrior/Manchine

Vrak This Will Strip Ther Community Caters Off

Mallkor Commen Catters

Vrak Whatever

Creepox Actley U Both Got Them Wrong

Vrak Ugh

Regation Yes I'm Reddy

Troy Hey Gosei Was That Funny

(Nothing Happins

Troy -_______- Goseis Drunk Again

Regation Yes And Ur Going To Feel This


Troy Ugh

Regation Laughs Weak Red Ranger

Troy That's It Force Sorwad I'm Going To Put U In Hostapul Saber


Regation No-


Troy Ha

Regation Laughs Vrak.....Now

Vrak Reflection Beem

Gia Were Here

Troy Lets Fuq This Guy Up

Regation U Cant Defeat Me

Troy Saber


Regation Laughs

Gosei Troy Use The Concer Sorwad

Troy Concer Sorwad


Regation No-


Mallkor These Plans r Failing Fucking Hell

Vrak Aggred I Think We Need Another

Mallkor Now Wheres Creepox

The End

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Air date 11 March 2013
Written by User:InsideSpace'sMind
Directed by User:Ernief0000
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