Plot Edit

Wth 3 Gems the Rangers Try To Get/Locate The 4th Gem And Get It Off Flurios While Moltor Has A Other Plan To Get All Of The Gems Sp He Can Put It In The Crown For Its Power

Transcript Edit

Kamdor Mira Ur Weak As Hell

Mira Yes Sir

Kamdor (Pulls Blade Torwads Mira) U Failed Evreything I Should Put U Out Of Ur Misery Now

Mira Yes Sir

Kamdor Stop Saying that The Gems And Thew Crown Get Me It

Mira Yes


Miratrix The Rangers Shall pay

Mack Um Yes The Slliance Is

Tyzonn Hey Guys Got Some Tattoos

Mack Wtf

Will Cool Is that that biug Off That Shit A Bugs Life

Tyzonn Sure Is I Know Im A Babby

Will Ok


Andrew Rangers At The Funel Theres A Warrior Attacking

Miratrix I Will Destroy The Rangers

Mack Mira We Should Of Know

Miratrix Backoff Rangers


Mack U Do

Kamdor That Fool Mira he IOs Just As Useless As Huh Mig

Mig Yes Its Me

Kamdor (Attacks Mig But He Shoots Kamdors Sorwad) Huh

Mig U think ur Puny Sorwad Is A Match For me Then Fuck off

Kamdor Yes Ur As Useless As A Damm Warrior

Mig No Ur As Useless As That Mira Will Fail Shes A Bloddyu Bitch

Kamdor U r 2

Mira Ur Useless Fools

Tyzonn Ive Had It Wth U

Mira Good Then Take This




Tyzonn Ugh Were Down

Miratrix I Will Step On Ur Graves When Ur Dead And I Will Rule The World Wth Kamdor

Tyzonn Think Again Mercey Blade


Miratrix Ha


Mira Yes Now Il Leave

Kamdor Ha Fine Be that Way Fearcats

Mig Yea GoU Pussys

Benjo Pyussy U Mean Theres 1

Mig Yea Whatever

(Kamdor Retreats)

Mira Master I Failed

Kamdor (Pulls Blade Near Mira) Useless

Mira Yes Sir

Andrew Guys Ur Suppses To Breat The Crap Outta The Villians

Spencer Guys I Found The Rock Of Sparro

Will Lets Go

Mig Yes The Rock Of Sparro Is-


Mack Were Here

Mig Rangers

Cheeter Were Here Mig

Mig Finsh Them

Crazer Yes Master

(Mig & Benjo Retreat)

Crazer Oh This Is So Fun

Tyzonn Mercey Blade

Crazer Mercey Looser No Tyzonn

(Crazer turns into vella)

Vella its Me

Tyzonn Yes Vella-




Vella Fool

(Vella Turns Into Crazer)

Crazer Useless Fool

Cheeter Hey Red Ranger Urt Fucked

Mack Guys Use The DeltaStriker To Shut These Up

Tytzonn Delta Striker


Mack Delta Striker


Crazer Lets Go Cheeter

Andrew Yes that Was Good

Tyzonn Vella Shes History

Andrew :P Yes She Is

Mig U Fools Should Of Finshed Thewm Flurios Contines To Shit Me

Crazer Yes Were Sorry

The End

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Air date 12 October 2007
Written by User:OmniDragon10/User:KordaSix
Directed by User:Sci100
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Closer To the Gem As they get....Part 1

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