Plot Edit

After Khyber Finds The Nemtrix is playing retarted Games Ben And Rook Go Out Fishing And Be Fools Malware Sends Psychobos To Get The Pissatrix But They Fail So Malware Dose It Himself

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Dr Psychobos


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Transcript Edit

Malware Ugh You have failed too much times You Cock I Have No Chioice But To Give The Nemtrix To Me Khyber

Khyber Please 1 More Chance

Malware No More Yes Yes (rips it off him and Puts It On Psychobos)

Psychobos Hey Pyber You Dick

Malware Eongh You Go Down And Destroy Ben 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tayt Idiot Needs To Learn A Lesson And I Have A Plan

Psychobos Yes

Ben Max Bye Me Lettersa

Max no

Ben Ugh

Rook prepps We Eat

Malware No More Fooling Around

Ben -_____________________-

Khyber That idiot malware Has Not Seen TheLast Of Me When I Shpow Him True Power

Zed Yes My Leach

Khyber Wait You Can Speak

Zed Of Corse You Fool

Ben Guyz Look We Telled The Plan

Riook No

Maleware Im Bak Now Khyber Was aq Fool To Go Up Aginsty my Orders

Psychobos I cant help


Swampfire Ha

Blitzwolfer Ha

Ben Ahhh

The End

{{{Series Name}}}
Season 1/2, Episode 11/34
Malware again
Air date 11 October 2012
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
Malware Is Angry
Where The Bitch Has Landed

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