Plot Edit

The New Rangers Quickley Warm Up To Angel Grove But Rygogs Warrior Is Giving Them Troyuble Even or The Blue Sertina

Transcript Edit

TJ Ahhh This Is A Life

Cassie IKR Its Fun

Ashley No Old Rangers

TJ They Were Old

Carlos Yes They Were

Justin Yeah Since Rita/Zedd Attacked

Diatox So Ryugog Got OIne

Rygog Yes Acid Warrior

Acid Warrior I Can Destroy The Rangers Ther Mine

Rygog Do Not Fail

TJ Hey Dimatra Whatts That

Dimatra Ur Cycles Babbys Like U Desver Em

Carlos Cool

Alpha 6 Ther Not Finshed

AW Ryugog Whatts Ur Plan

Rygog To Get Rid Of Divatox

AW Yes A Good Plan

TJ A Attack Frist Ever Battle

AW Yeah Lots Of Fun


AW Blue Sertina Ur Mine

Rygog Ahhh 6 Ranger Never Gets Old

TJ Wherew Here

BS Ugh Rangers Look Out


Divastox UR ALL MINE

TJ Really Ur Mine

Divatox Fool

BS Divatox

Divatox Ahhh The Blue Sertina How Pathetic


BS Shes Mine

Rygog Red Ranger

TJ Yes

Rygog A Battle

TJ Yeah Fine

AW Ahhh Yes

Carlos TJ No Cannon


AW Miss Me

Divatox This Is Going Awesomew

Rygog Yes

TJ Red Turbo Axe


Rygog Ur Dead

TJ No U Are

AW Now BS Mine

Divatox Have Him

Rygog So Red Ranger How Ugh No

(Rygog Leaves)

BS Ok 6 Working Together We'll Finsh U


BS Saber Strike

TJ Cycle Mode


Carlos Cannon


AW Wat-


Rygog Red Ranger Ur Mine

Divatox Oh Shutup Make Him Grow)

(He Growd)

TJ Turbo Mergazord

BS Cop Megaziord

AW Watts This

BS Saber Finshing Saber


AW No-


Divatox No No No

Rygog Mama D Come Here

MD Yes Rygog What Do U Want

Rygog To Destroy-


Divatox Rygog WthellAre U Doing Here

Rygog Um Tideing Ur Room Up

Divatox U Better Fix It All Dont Forget The Floors

Rygog Yes Divaie Fool She Destroyed Her Mother Now I'l Destroy Her

TJ That Was Awesome

Carlos IKR We Smashed It

Ashley Yeah Wth Teamwork

Dimatra Yes Good Rangers

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 2 May 1997
Written by Jarrad Waite (As Waite)
Directed by User:socking Is Fun :P
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