Plot Edit

Lothor Returns Putting Evil Stickers On The DT Rangers And Them Frezeing Untill Dr O Brings them bak To the base Tommy Unfrezes Them Meranwhilre Lothor Turns The WR Evil And thery Trash The Place Mesogog Plans To Form A Alliance Wth Lothpor

Transcript Edit

Kaphi wtf r we doing

Marha Betraying these fools

Kaphri Cool

Marha Yes Weve Arrived

Lothor Ya Ive Arrived Yes Now Il Destroy the RangersMAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Tommy hey guys Ive Read Abut These Goffballs

Conner r they silly

Tommy Yes

Lothor So Guys We'll Freze Them Dino Idiots

Kaphri Dino?

Lothor Well Whatever

Tommy Huh We were called


Lothor Diks

Hayley Wtf these 3

Tommy Were Frozen

Hayley Was it mesogogs Forces

Tommy IDK

Lothor Yes Now My Next Plan

Sensai Rangers That fuck has returned

Shane What fuck

Sensai Lothor

Shane oh

Sensai These r The Morphers Become the Wind Rangers Again

Shane Cool Have U Goy Anty Games On It

Sensai Yes Packman And All The Above

Shane Fuck Yea (Zaps)

Sensai Fool Its A Morpher Noty A Game And Now

Lothor Im Back

Shane We Will Serve U And Destroy The World

Lothor Yes Then We Will Be Kings

Tommy ok ther unfrozen

Hayley Now What

Tommy Um ?

Conner hey ethan buddy old pal

Ethan Yes

Kira Ugh U Guys

Trent So Wtf


Shane Move fools

Ninja 2 Lothor his bak

Shane Yers And His Our Master

Ninja 2 no u were good

Tori Fool Not Anymore

Duastin Lets Kill Em


Lothor No Suk Em Up Fools

Dustyin This Is So Easy

Lothor Attack The DT Thiuder Rangers

Conner We were unfrozen


Shane We Want Revenge

Conner Hey u guys ur our friends

Shane Shutup Dik U Will Face Our Sorwad

Conner Aggred But We'll Strike U




Shane My Saber Will Destroyu U

Conner No Doino Power

Shane U Fool


Conner Stay Down U Pest


Shane No U

Conner Thats It Super Dino Mode Strike


Shane Ha Miss Me Batytlizer Ya




(Conner Unmorphs)

Shane Fool We'll Bee Bak

Lothor Yes They were weak

Shane They Were We Defeated ther ass'ss

Lothor Destroy Them

Shane Yes Aggred

Lothor Thanks To My Useless Famliys

Shane Yes They r Useless

Marha What

Kaphri u fucking idiot

Lothor Morons Ur No Use To Me Now Wind Rangers Go And Destroy The Dino Idiots

Shane Yes

Blake Hunter Cam This Is Bad

Cam & Hunter We Know

To Be Contined....

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Lothor Contrals The Wind Rangers
Air date 10 October 2004
Written by User:Logged

User:Returned 16

Directed by User:Again Im Back
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Zeltraxs Duel
Ninja School Returns Part 2

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