Plot Edit

Goldar Sends A Hunter That Is After A Ring That Rocky Has Meanwhile Billy Invents A New Weapon

Transcript Edit

Goldar Please One More Chance

Vile Fine Since ScorpinaAnd Finster Failed U Get A Chance To Destroy The Rangers & If U Fail Ur Dead Meat

Goldar Yes Great Onew

Rocky Ha Ha PIM


Goldar Ahhhh The Ring I Must Go After It

Restcer Times Up

Rocky Uh Oh Its Attacking


Vile Ur A Bloody Luntic

Goldar :(

The End

Ninja The Legend
Season 3, Episode 48
Air date 29 July 1995
Written by Judd Lynn

Will Fouracres User:Rest 23 (As Rest)

Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
The Masters Leaddership
A White Stranger Part 1

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