Plot Edit

Shimzea Sends The Bark Warrior Sensai & Cyber Cam (who cam brought bak) Upload A New MegaZord For The rangers To Use When they r Faceing The bark Warrior

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The Strap Cycle Megazord
Air date 10 November 2003
Written by User:Letter guy

User:Pan 21

Directed by user:StreetMaster
Episode Guide
A Red Morpher To Fight For (Time Force)
A True Ninja


Shimzea Lothor I Have A Warrior

Lothor What Is It

Bark Warrior Them Rangers r Pesky

Lothor Yes They r

Bark Warrior I Will Make Them Suffer

Lothoer Do It

Shane Hey My Tricks r Awesome

Tori Whatever

Zurgane Yes The Rangers r There

Tori Ugh Eongh Shane No One Needs To Hear Abut This


Zurgane Times Up

Cam This Is The Zurgane

Sensai What Its Zurgane

Cam No There On The Screen

Zurgane Im Looking For The Green REanger He Needs To Suk My Dik

Cam Samurai Power

Zurgane Ahhh U Finaly Made It

Cam Yea Whats Ur Promblen

Zurgane MAWAWAWAWAWA Nothing Take This


Cam ugh

Zurgane Feast My Sorwad

Tori No U Feast Mine

Cam Stay Bak Blue Ranger This Duel Is Between Me & Zurgan3e

Zurgane Yes It Is

Blake This Is


Blake Reddy

Hunter Reddy


Motodrone Wanna Race

Blakew & Hunter Gasp

Motodrone Race Me Or Face Me Ur Choice

Blake Never Thunder Power

Motodrone Ur Choice


Zurgane Ya


Cam ugh

Zurgane Weak Green Dick

Cam Thats Eongh Ive Had It Ultra Mode


Zurgane Lothor....He Striked Me

Lothor Fools

Vexxacus Look At All Ur Generals Being Cunts

Lothor They Arent Being Vaginas

Vexxacus Oh No Im Sorry Lothor But Im Going

Zurgane Green Ranger Ur Doomed

Motodrone U Thunders Are Weak

Blake Striker


Motodrone Weak As Shit


(The Thunders Unmorph)

Shane Ok BW Ur Done For

BW No Not Yet Lothor 

Lthor Evrey Time U MORONS Ninja Power Unleashed

BW Yes

Shane Thats It Strap Megazord Striker Big Mode Charge



Shane awww Yea

Motodrone Fool


Hunter Ugh 2 Powerful

Motodrone Now Lets Go Zurgane

Cam Sorry But Hes Bizzy

Zurgane U Fool

Cam Samurai Sorwad Strike


Zurgane No Im Sorry Lothor

Lothor Bitch


Cam Yea Done For

Lothor Zurgane Ur Retarted

Zurgane Im Sorry Master

Motrodrone That Moron Thunders

Lothor Ur The Moron Shimzea

Shimzea Yes

Lothor That Was A Bad Stupid Plan Do Not Fail Again Or U Will Be The One To Suk My Hairy Cock

Shimzea Yes Sir

(Vexxacus Behinde Chooboo Who Is Nextr To Lothor)

Vexxacus U Wiull Be Suking Mine MAWAWAWAWA

The End

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