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Orion Is Shot By Levira Who Finds Out What Happened To His Great Grandfather In The War While She Sends A Warrior To Destroy Orion So He Can End Up Like His Grandfather

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(Conting On From Ulter Betrayer Vekar And The Others Watch Damaras Ship Leave The Armada)

Vekar He Tricked Me That Dick Ugh Levira Have U Got A Plan To Destroy The Rangers

Levira Yes I Have And It Involes Orion That Pathetic Silver fucker

Ernie I'm Going To Name This Store Ultimate Ernies Super Legendary Maccas

Troy Good

Ernie Yes Aggred

(A General Arrives On The Armada)

Ruler Warrior Ahh I Heard What Happened To Damaras That Tradtor He Tricked You

Vekar Yes And Its None Of Your Bussness

RW Shutup I Have A Perfect Plan To Destroy The Rangers Levira Get More Info About Orion

Levira Yes Aggred

Gosei No Troy I Think Its Time That We Created A New Weapon

Troy Yes Aggred

Gosei And It Will Help You Defeat Vekar

Troy Yes

RW Wheres The Silver Fucker

Orion Right Here U peace of Shit

RW Ahh Yes U Silly Silver Ranger


Orion Ugh

RW Now Il Find More Info About You (Gets Into His Head) Ahh Yes Your Great Great Grandfucker Was In The War

Orion No

Troy Were Here

RW Backoff Red Fucker I Have All The Info I Need (Retreats) That Silver Fool His Grandfather Was In The War

Argus Under The Door (Looks Under The Door)

Vekar Since Argus Is Being A dick We'll Destroy Orion And He'll End Up Like His Grandfather

Vekar Aggred Go

RW Yes Sir

Orion Yes Rangers I Should Of Told You This

Gosei Told Us What U Moron

Orion My Grandfucker He Was In The War

(50 Years Ago)

Orions Grandfather No

Warlord 2 (aka Kingsmen 2) Laughs

(He Kills Orions Grandfather)

Orion Yes Its Sad

Gosei Ugh Stfu That Story Was BS

Troy Have Some Respect Gosei

Gosei Respect My Ass

Troy Yes Aggred

(The 6 Ruish Off To The City And Argus Is There)

Argus You Fools Will Be Very Sorry

Troy Super Force Mode Red

Gia Super Force Mode Yellow

Jake Super Force Mode Green

Noah Super Force Mode Blue

Emma Super Force Mode Pink

Orion Super Force Mode Silver Lets Stop This Dick

Argus Idiots I Will Destroy You

(Orion Shoots Him But Is Wacked By RW)

RW U'lle Handle Me Laughs

Orion Oh No

(RW Gets In His Head Again And Sees Orions Grandfather Dead RW Goes To Orions Grandfather)

RW You Old Fool I Am Your Takeover U Werent That BigYou Silly Moron

Orion No

RW Orion Yes Lets Battle

Argus You Fools

(Argus Shoots 5 Of em They Unmorph)

Argus Yes Now Il Finsh You

Orion No You Wont

(Orion Uses Jet Slash Mode And Strikes Argus Hard)

Argus Levira Fire The Saterlight Beem On Both Of Us

(Argus & RW Grow)

Troy Legendary Super Megastrike Megazord

Orion Super Thunderbolt Megazord

RW Fool

(RW Shoots Orion Down On The Ground He Gets The Saber And Slashs Him Orion Then Shoots Him He Falls And Is Destroyed)

Troy Ugh

Argus Kiss My Ass Common Megazord

(The megazord Is On The Ground While Faceing Argus'es Ass It Puts The Sorwad Up It)

Argus Ugh....I Will Return Another Day (Retreats)

Vekar You Fucking Idiot

Argus Who Me

Vekar Yes You Should Of Got Destroyed Insteed Of That Warrior You Are So Dumb In The Head

Argus Oh

(At Ernies SLU Maccas)

Orion So Now That This Is Finshed Now What

Troy IDK


The End

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Air date 7 October 2014
Written by User:Solo28/User:Jonathan Tennysion
Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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Ulter Betrayer (episode)
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