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Orion Goes Trick Or Treating And Is Captured By Damaras'es Latest Warrior

Transcript Edit

(In The Armada)

Damaras Sirrer Vekar I Have A Plan

Vekar What Is It

Damaras We'll Kiddnapp 1 Of The Rangers

Vekar Yes And This Plan Will Fail Like Your Pathetic Attemp

Kingsmen 2 This Might Work

Vekar Very Well But If It Fails I Will Be Up Your Ass

Gosei Rangers I Want You To Fake Sickies For Class For Halloween

Orion Fuck Off

Troy Yeah

Orion Lets Go

(The 6 Go)

Gosei You Idiots Will Pay Laughs (Turns Dark Lighting Comes)

Damaras Ahhh Yes Its Time To Attack The City

Troy A Attack

(The 6 Arrive)

Orion So...Now What

Damaras You Will Handle Me

Orion Who Are You

Damaras Damaras And Your Ass Will Fall

(The 6 Morph And Troy Shoots Damaras He Wacks Troy And The Kingsmen Arrive And They Strike The 6 Rangers They Unmorph)

Troy Lets Go Super Force Mode

(They Morph Nothing Happens)

Troy Oh Shit

Gosei Ahh Yes Rangers I Tricked You You Cant Morph And You Wont Morph Never Again

Troy Gosei This Isnt A Game You fucking Mother Fucker

Gosei Get C##hed For Some C##H

Troy Ugh Idiot

Gosei Yes I'm A Idiot Of Awesomeness

Troy Screw You

Gosei No Troy Screw You You Simpleton

Troy Ugh Asshole

(Damaras Strikes The 6 They Fall)

Damaras Weaklings

Troy Ugh

(The 6 Return To The Command Center Troy Storms In And Sees Gosei Smokeing A Sergar)

Troy You Are A fucking Moron You Fucking Twit Fucking Not Letting Us Morph What The Fuck Are You A Fucking Idiot

Gosei I Told You Punichmeant Will Come You Din't Belive Me You Stupid Cunt Its Just Funny That You Were A Fucking Idiot To Not Belive Me

Troy Ugh I Quit

(The Rangers Go To Ernies Maccas)

Ernie So Who Wants Pie

Troy Not Me

Orion Weve Gotta Stop Damaras His Powerful

Troy No Its Just Cos Of Gosei Being A Dickhead Not Letting Us Go Stronger Modes (Troy Blinks And When He Opens His Eyes He Sees Himself In A Pound) Wtf I'm Not A Dog (Gosei Wallks Over To Him)

Gosei You Be A Dog To Me I Treat You Like A Dog

Troy Ugh Fuck You

Orion Wheres Troy

Ernie A Toy Over There I Brought Em From Toys R Us

Orion Why Are You Being A Idiot Your Wrose Than Gosei

(Orion Suddley Appres On A Farm A Horse Steps On His Back)


Gosei (Hes Actley Turns Out Being The Horse) Idiot I Tricked Ya Say Mean Things About Me And Il Fucking Punish You

Orion Whatever

(Orions Spine Is Broken)

Gosei Laughs This Is Fun As Fuck

(Back At Ernies Maccas)

Emma So Troy & Orion Are Gone And Goseis Being A Fucking Cock

(Emma Appres On A Web A Spider Comes Her Way)


(A Spider Bites Her Neck)

Emma Owl Shit

(The Spiders Actley Gosei)

Gosei Tastle Like Vagina

Emma Well Your Sick

(Meanwhile At Ernies Maccas)

Gia So 3 Have Gone

Jake We Cant Say Anything Bad About Gosei Got It

Ernie Posei Yes Aggred

(Ernie Turns Into Gosei)

Gosei Idiots I'm Right Here The Whole Time

Gia Oh Shit

Gosei Yes You 3 Are Next

Troy I Don't Think So

(Troy Comes From A Brantch And Wacks Gosei Into A Choclate Factory)

Gosei You Fool

Troy Now Were Going To Stop You Red Force Mode

(The Other 5 Morph)

Gosei Idiots

(Gosei Turns Into Damaras)

Damaras That Was The Bestest Trick I Ever Done

Troy You Are A Bastard

Damaras Yes A Good One Handle Em Kingsmen

(Damaras Retreats)

Damaras Fire The Saterlight Beem

(Levira Fires It)

(Kingsmen Grow)

Troy Ok Super Megastrike Megazord

Orion ThunderBolt Megazord

Troy Commbo

(The 6 Do A Combo The Super megaBolt Megazord)

Troy Ok Lets Strike This Fucker Down Thunder Saber Strike


(The Kingsmen Are Destroyed)

Troy Fucking Idiots

Vekar I Told You To Destroy The Rangers And You Failed

(Argus Comes With Souap)

Argus Hey Vekar I Brought You Souap

(Argus Trips On Damaras Sorwad And The Souap Falls On Levira)

Levira Ugh Shit GGGGGGGG

Vekar Oh Crap

(Damaras & Vekar Run Out Of The Main Area With Levira Following Them)

Levira You Fucking Idiots

Troy Gosei You Ok

Gosei Yes Troy I Am

Troy So Can You Give Us $20

Gosei Fuck Off

The End

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Air date 31 October 2014
Written by User:StreetMaster


Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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