Plot Edit

Troy Gets Jealous Of Orion After He Shows Off His Moves It Turns Into A Fight While Vekar Latest Warrior Shoots The Other 4 Rangers They Turn Into Xborgs

Triva Edit

Orion Gets Gold Digger Mode Frist Apprence Of That

It teckley Appred In A Vission In The Previous Ep

Transcript Edit

Orion (Skids Down The Stairs) Ahhh Much Better I'm At School For My Frist Day Isnt That Sexy

(He Actley At School Early)

Orion Now Time To Make The Floor Dirty so Mr Burley Will Fall Over (He Pisses On The Floor) Ahhh I Thought Of A Good Idea Lets Write On The Choorkborad Dick

(He Dose It)

Orion Yes Now Them Stupid Kids Will Get In Trouble

Vekar Ugh 6 Rangers U Guys Are Fools

Argus Who Me

Vekar Your The Biggest Fool Here Argus

Argus Yes Master

Vekar Damaras U Got A Warrior

Damaras Yes Patta Warrior YHe'll Put The Rangers To Sleep

(Orion Comes To School Again And He Slips On The Floor) Orion Utgh fuck Who Ever Did That Is A idiot

(Orion Opens Up The bathroom and Gets A Hurt Dick) Orion ugh Shit My Dick

Gia Ok Gosei Contacted Us Yestaday Oh Fuck Orion

Orion I'm Ok

Troy Hey Guys Have Oh Yes On The Ground Not So Tough Now Fucker

Jake Guys Gosei Wants Us

Gosei Rangers Orion Is Getting The Flex Belt

Jake Yay Yay

Troy Boo Boo

Gosei Troy Stop Being Selfish

Troy Fuck U

Gosei U Can Go Any Legendary 6th Rangers

Orion Can This Get Me A Milkshake

Gosei No

Orion Ugh

Gosei Guys A Attack

Patta Warrior Fools This Planet Is Pathetic

Orion Ok Where Is The Warrior

Troy Down There

Patta Warrior Now Il Ahh Yes The Rangers U morons Are Idiots Evrey Day

Troy Ok Moron This Super Force Mode Red

Gia Super Force Mode Yellow

Jake Super Force Mode Green

Noah Super Force Mode Blue

Emma Super Force Mode Pink

Orion Ugh took ya long eongh cunts Super Force Mode Silver

Patta Warrior Ahh Yes Take This Silver

Jake Look Out


(Jake Falls Alseep Sucking His Thumb)

Patta Warrior 1 Down 5 To Go Yes The Blue Nerds Next

(He Shoots Him Noah Falls Alseep)

Gia Your Going Down

Emma Aggred

Patta Warrior Girl Power The Weakest

(He Shoots The 2 Girls)

Emma Ugh

Gia Ugh

(The 2 Girls Fall Alseep)

Patta Warrior Now For These 2

Orion No Zeo Power Telport

(The 2 Retreat)

Gosei What? Ther Being Lazy

Orion Yes The Warrior Shot Them

Gosei Troy What Are U Being A baby About

Troy Him (Points To Orion) Fucking Taking Credit Over Shit I Do And Then Posting It On Instergram And Wipeing Ur Ass On My Head Fucking Unbelivable

Orion We Must Work Together Troy If We Are To Defeat That Scumbag

Troy Aggred

Gosei Go

(The 2 Go)


Patta Warrior Yes Sir Right Away

Orion Yes I Understand About Your Jealousness But You Don't Have To bew A Dick about It

Troy Well Sometimes I Do

Orion kkk The Warriors In The City

(The 2 Rush To The City)

Orion There He Is

Patta Warrior Laughs Morons I Will Destroy You

Orion Super Force Mode Silver

Troy Super Red Force Mode

Orion Legendary In Space Silver Ranger Saber

Troy Red In Space Ranger

Orion Saber Strike


Troy Yeah Now Time To Break That


(The Spell Is Broken And PW Is Harmed)

Patta Warrior Red...Ranger (Grows) Fuck Yeah

Troy Oh No They Used The Saterlight Beem Super Megastrike Megazord

Orion Thunderbolt Megazord

Jake Guys Were Here

Troy Yes Now Lets Shut This Dick Up

PW U Will Never

Troy Saber


PW Ugh

Orion Ok Ive Got A Plan Cop Megazord Cop Slash


PW No-


Orion He Was Easy

Vekar Idiots Evrey One Of U

Argus Master I'm Terrabley Sorry For This Fail

Vekar Shut Up

Damaras Oh No I'm Not Soon You Will Be Daddys Boy Again

The End

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Air date 2 September 2014
Written by User:DrOprah & User:JonathanTennysion
Directed by User:Ernief0000
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