Plot Edit

RJ Attacks The Rangers And Defeats Them Grizzaka Then Bilds A Megazord And Destroys The City

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Air date 20 October 2008
Written by User:Swap29/User:Of Ther 2
Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Leadder Always Leads
Overlords Asamble Part 2


RJ Rangers U Will Feel The Dirt

Casey Dommnick Wtfs Wrong Wth RJ

RJ Yes Its Time To Attack The City

Grizzaka Yes My Plan Shadow Gards Help That Fucking Ranger

SG2 Yes I Will

RJ Rangers Lets Duel

Casey Uh Oh

RJ Wolf Blade




RJ Now Ur Fucked

Casey Jungle Blade

RJ Wolf Blade


(The Jungle MegAzord Falls Down)

RJ Yes Now To Return To Grizzaka

Grizzaka U Did Good Now That My Spell Is On U Crester

Crester Master What Do U Want

Grizzaka Destroy The rangers My Shadow Gards r Right Behinde U

Casey Ugh Fran That RJ Is Gone ad

Dommnick It Was A Spell I Think

Theo Ok

Lilly A Attack Lets Go

RJ U Fools Ur Megazord Is Trashed

Crester MAWAWAWA Im Here

Casey Who r U

Crester I Am Grizzakas Warrior U r So Pathetic

Casey Cannon We'll See


Crester Shadow Gards Destroy Them

Casey Oh No

SG2 Im Going To Enjoy This

Casey Never Saber


SG2 No-


Grizzaka Useless Warriors Il Take The Rangers On By Myself

Crester Yes Ur Doomed

RJ Aggred Wolf Blade


(The 4 Unmorph)

Casey Ugh

Dommnick Ugh

Lilly Ugh

Theo Ugh

Crester Yes Now The End

Grizzaka Finaly My Megazord Is Reddy To Go (Hops in it)

To Be Contined....

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