Plot Edit

Cairnsaw (One of trhe Overlords) Sends A Dagger Overlord To Destroy The Rangers RJ Finshs the Mode And The Rangers Get It And Destroy The Overlord

Transcript Edit

Cairnsaw Master A Dagger Overlord Has Arrived

Dagger Overlord I Am Dagger I Am Powerful Il Shut The Rangers Up Just Give Me The Word

Grizzaka U Have it Go

RJ Ugh Hump Im Angry


Dagger Overlord Im Here

RJ Go Rangers

Casey Who r U

Dagger OvL Im Dagger Overlord And Prepper To Be Destroyed

Lilly Never Saber


Dagger OvL Weak

Theo Wow Casey Cannon


(The 3 Unmorph)

Dagtger Ur All Pathetic Il Be Back Another Day (Retreats)

Casey Uh Oh Were Doomed

Dagger OvL Im Back

Grizzaka So u Defeated The Rangers

Dagger OvL Yes They Werre Weak

Grizzaka Yes Go Back And Destroy them

Casey Come On RJ Uve Been Working On That For I Dont Know Days

RJ Yea So

Casey So Have A Break


Dagger OvL Im Back

Casey Yea So r We

Dagger Ovl Then Lets Take It Up


Casey Saber


Dagger Ovl Ur So Pathetic

Casey Sorwad


Casey Yes Hes Gone

Dagger OvL No Im Not

Casey Oh Shit

Dagger OvL Invisable

Casey Cannon


Dagger OvL Weak

Casey Sorwad Again


(The 3 Unmorph)

Dagger OvL Soon U Fools Will Abey The Overlords

Casey Thats It RJ Is The Weapon Reddy

RJ Yes It is

Dagger Ovl Whatts this

Casey Crop Gun Blast



Grizzaka Big Form

Dagger Ov Yes Im Back

Casey Guys Jungle Megazord Hammer Mode Strike


Dagger OvL No-


Jarrad/Dai Shi Them Overlords Suckers Wait Till I Get My Hands On them

Camlie Yes they Will Pay

Casey So Is That The Weapon

RJ Yes It Is

Casey Were Strong As A Team

RJ Lilly & Theo YEA

The End

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Air date 27 August 2008
Written by User:As I Return/User:Sound 3
Directed by User:ZeVikingSif
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