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EvilBonic Sends A Warrior Down To Earth To Get Parts & Peaces Of A Time Manchine So He Can Go To The Part Where The Hostige Crystel Was Created And Get It There

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(In A Labtory Thunder & Lighting Are Heard)

Dr Sekell Yes The Hostige Crystel Will Alow Me To Rule The Galaxy

Mr Wyde Yes You Will Be The King

(Dr Sekell Adds More Ingreedets To The Potion)

Dr Sekell This Will Make Me Invisable

Mr Wyde I Dont Think So Fool

Dr Sekell Whos Going To Stop Me You Pitty Boy





Dr Sekell (Drinks The Potion And Becomes Dr SekCrystel) Laughs

(In The Fortress)

EvilBonic mmmm Intresting

Dr Sekell Im The Most Powerfulest Dr In The Universe

EvilBonic Thats It Il Just Go To That Moment And Get The Hostige Crystel Then Those Simpletonish Rangers Wont Get It MAWAWAWAWA Flungo

Flungo What

EvilBonic I Have A New Plan

Flungo What Is It

EvilBonic We Just Need To Go To That Moment Where The Hostige Crystel Was Created And Get It Allow Me

Flungo Yes Thats Not A Bad Plan But If You Fail You Will Sniff My Shit

EvilBonic Yes Sir (Goes To A Time Manchine Place) Yes This Will Allow Me To Destroy Dr Sekell And Get That Crystel From Him MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

(He Goes In The Time Manchine)


(EvilBonic Arrives At 1788)

EvilBonic Ahh Yes Ive Arrived Now Lets Find That Hostige Crystel

(In The Base)

Savro Rangers Its Time That You Got Super Modes I Mean Ultra Modes

Brad Cool

Savro Yes Aggred Brad

TimeHong Yes Im Here

Savro Rangers Go

(The 6 Arrive)

Jim Lets Shut This Warrior Up

TimeHog Fools




(The 6 Fall)

TimeHog Yes Some Peaces For My Time Manchine

(He Picks It Up)

TimeHog Now Il Find That Doofus Simpleton And Get The Hostige Crystel From The Past MAWAWAWAWAWA (Retreats)

Jim Uh Oh

Flungo TimeHog You Worthless Fool You Are Suspest To Get The Rangers On Ther Knees

TimeHog No Im Not Going To Do That You Fool (Goes In The Time Manchine)

Flungo Idiot We Need New Plans

Souler Master Flungo Shall I Destroy The Rangers

Beamster Yeah Do It You Will Fail

Souler Slliance Fool

Flungo mmmmm Preppes Its Time For The Roxys To Get Upgraded

(He Puts A Device In The Roxys)

(EvilBonic Is Looking Around The Room)


EvilBonic Uh Oh Here Comes Dr Sekell

Dr Sekell Yes I Have The Hostige Crystel In My Hands The Whole Universe At My Fingertips

EvilBonic I Dont Think So

Dr Sekell Who Are You Introder

EvilBonic Im A Villian From The Past

Dr Sekell So Be It

(Meanwhile In The Base)

Calvin TimeHog Got Some Peaces For A Time Manchine His Plainng To Go And Get The Hostige Crystel Off The Creater

Brad Who Excatley Is The Creater

Savro Dr Sekell Dr Jekyels Brother

(Lots Of Years Ago)

Dr Sekell Hello Jekell

Jekyel Fuck Off

Dr Sekell Stfu

Jekyel Fight Me

(Dr Sekell Destroys Him)

Dr Sekell Weakling


Savro Were Going To Have To Go Back To The 1770s And Stop Them Villians

Roponic And IK A Guy That Has A Time Manchine

(The 6 Rangers & Savro & Roponic Go To Mr Fork Guys Cafe)

Roponic We Need Your Time Manchine

Mr Fork No

Roponic Why Not

Mr Fork Because

Roponic Ok (Destroys Him)

(Back In Black By ACDC Is Playing)

Roponic Now We Find The Time Manchine

Brad There It Is

Jim What Does This Button Do

Brad No Wait


(Meanwhile At Dr Sekells Place)

Dr Sekell You Will Never Get The Hostige Crystel Its Mine I Created It You Dint Backoff

EvilBonic Then Say Goodbye Sekell





(Dr Sekell Dies And TimeHog Appres)

TimeHog Yes Dr Sekell Is Deceaded ThaNKs For Your Handy Work EvilBonic

EvilBonic You Traitor

Brad Not Quite Moron

EvilBonic What The Rangers How Did They

TimeHog I Told Them

EvilBonic You Fools




Brad Its Morphin Time

(The 6 Morph)

Jim Ok Im Taking It Strate To TimeHog

TimeHog You Foolish Gold Boy




Jim Ugh

TimeHog Goodbye

Jim No Hoverboard Strike Slash



TimeHog Ugh....Curse You

Jim Ok Time To Make You Eat Cannon Gold Sorwad Trasform Into Cannon

TimeHog Uh Oh

Jim Goodbye Fire




TimeHog No.......Flungo Help

Flungo Why Should I Yes I Betrayed You You Stupid Warrior Your Now Fucked Realse The Fludge Megazord Il Crash Them Boneheaded Simpletons By Myself

Beamster Yes Sir (Fires The Megazord To The 1770s)

Flungo Rangers Eat Dirt




Brad No Your Going To Eat Dirt Hostige Charge Megazord Hydrax Zord Commbind Hydrax Saber


Flungo Ahhh Power Rangers Feel No Mercey





Brad Ugh

Flungo Yes The Megazords Are On The Ground

Jim Just One Hostige Alreat Megazord Alreat Strike



Flungo Ugh....Curse You Gold Ranger

Jim No Curse You You Big Boner

Flungo Thats It Il Selfdestruck This Thing

Jim Guys The Time Hole Is About To Close In 10 Secends

Brad You Guys Go Ahead Im Going To Make Sure EvilBonic Dosent Get The Hostige Past Crystel

EvilBonic You Are So Foolish

Brad Foolish Yourself Beach

EvilBonic Oh I Will

Brad Hostige Axe



EvilBonic Ugh.....No

Brad Yes Your Finshed Hostige Cannon



EvilBonic You Proffed Much Of A Fight Red Ranger But Next Time I Will Show You No Mercey (Retreats)

Jim Oh No Brad Still Hasent Catched Up And The TimeHole Will Close In 3 Secends


Brad Hang On Guys Im Coming Skateborad Hover Power Fast Mode


(The 5 Rangers Get Out Of The 1770s)


(Brad Gets Out Of The 1770s)

Jim Yes Goodjob My Minuns

Brad Were Not Your Minuns

Flungo Ugh My Megazord Is Trashed Souler Punish EvilBonic For His Silly Fail You Stupid Simpleton

EvilBonic Yes Sir Thats It I Think Its Time For An Upgrade

(In The Base)

Jim Well That Was A Close One

Savro Aggred But Theres More Adventures Out There

The End

Parts & Peaces
Season 1, Episode 11
Parts And Peaces
Air date 12 April 2017
Written by Judd Lynn & Greg Jaz
Directed by Butch Lukic
Episode Guide
The Green Wizard

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