Plot Edit

Another Attack Causes The Phantom Ranger To Come And Go After The Warrior Is Defeated Divatox Comes Back And Destroys Havoc Then She Gets A Idea Abut The Phantom Ranger

Transcript Edit

Rygog Havoc We Need A Plan The 7thRanger Has Appred

Havoc IK

Rygog So Wat Are U Going To Do Abut It

Havoc Come Float Warrior

FW Il Smash Anyones Skull

Havoc Destroy The Phantom Ranger

TJ Guys Wtf Was He

Dimatra The Phantom Ranger After He Was Destroyed 4 Yrs Ago He Came Back

TJ Yes

FW Hello World I See U Have Missed Me




Divatox Where Am I My Brother Is A fool

Havoc Now To Prevent The Rangers From Reaching The 7th Ranger

TJ Ugh Wat

BS OIts A Field

TJ oh

BS Lol We Need To Destroy It

Cassie I Dont Think We Can

PR Ugh

Havoc Ahhhh 7uth Ranger Goodbye


Havoc Yes Ur History

PR Never


TJ Got In Follow Evreyone

BS Yes

Havoc What The Others Got In The Field

FW here Coming

Havoc Fool We'll Have To Finsh This Another Day Phantom Ranger

TJ There

Havoc Ahhhh Red Ranger Good To See U Agasin

TJ Cannon


Havoc Curse U-


Havoc Master Rygog They Defeated Me

Rygog Wat Impossable

PR Guys Float Is Over There

FW Uh Oh

BS U Ur Going Down

TJ Cannon


BS Saber Strike


PR Phantom Blaster Fire


Havoc No Make Him Grow

FW Im Back

PR His Mine Phantom Megazord Phantom Milles




FW No-


PR History Ya

Havoc So The Phantom Ranger Has Come To His Seness

Divatox And Ive Returned


Havoc Impossable Div-


Rygog Oh All Hail Queren Divatox Ur Back

Divatox Now That My Foolish Brother Is Gone My Next Plan The Phantom Ranger Wait Yes We'll Steal His Ruby Again MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA Look Out Phantom Ur Next

TJ So Wat Happend

Dimatra Divatox Is Back She Destroyed Havoc

TJ Were In For Her Suppries

The End

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Air date 23 May 1997
Written by User:Rest 23

User:Wikias Dead

Directed by User:Socking Is Fun :P
Episode Guide
Phantom Entrance
The Ruby Of Doom

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