Plot Edit

Havoc Crashs The Party And Kicks Out Divatox For Her Fails He Sends The Brick Warrior Down and He Defeats The 6 Rangers Untill The Phantom Ranger Comes And Defeats Him The Phantom Ranger Is Also shy And He Leaves After Defeating The Warrior

Transcript Edit

Divatox Hey Rygog

Rygog Wat

Divatox Look

Rygog Oh My Dear


Divatox Wtf

Havoc Hello Divatox Eonjoying The Fresh Air

Divatox Brother Back Again

Havoc Yes Now Get Out

Divatox How Dare U

Havoc No My Sister Ur More Foolish Than I Thought GO

Divatox Fine

Havoc Rygog It Was A Good Plan To Call Me Here Now Wth My Foolish Sister Out Of The Way I Can Begin My Plan

Rygog Yes General

TJ Ahhh Goodjob BS

BS The Streets Seem To Be Clean Of Foolishness

Justin And Warriors

Havoc Useless Robot Brick Warrior

BW Im Retarted


BW Well U Should

Havoc Destroy The Power Rangers

Rygog I'l Fight Red Ranger

Havoc Calm Ur Foolishness Down

Rygog No Him & Me Got A Duel To Finsh

BW And The Others

Havoc Get Rid Of Em

BS Ahhh Good Things

BW Hey Police Boy Ur Mine

BS One Of Divatoxs Warriors Well Hw Abut 3

BW I Am So Warrior Of Divatox I Am Havoc Her Brothers Warrior

BS Lets Go Saber Strike


TJ Well Wheres BS

Justin Being Foolish As Always

Dimatra Young Baby Justin No His Not A Attack

TJ Turbo Up

Rygog Red Ranger

TJ Huh


Rygog Yes Ur History

Cassie Huh BS

BW His Mine

Cassie Turbo IUp

BW Oh Wanna Play It That Way

Justin Cannon


Phantom Ranger Whatts That

BW Fool Ur No Match For Me


Rygog Red Rangewr Sersley U Wanna Fight

TJ Yea


pHAntom Ranger Hey Brick Warrior

BW Wat

PR Come And Get Me Phantom Attack


BW Rangers.....Ur-


Havoc He Was Retarted Someone Better Destroy Me A Power Ranger

Rygog Make The Warrior Grow

(BW Grows)

BW So A Fight

TJ Cop Megazord And Turbo Megazord

BW Fools


PR Phantom Megazord

BW Wat

PR Phantom Milles




BW Impossable-


Divatox Defeated Again Fools

TJ Well That wAS fUN

Dimatra No Rangers The Power Of The Phantom Is Strong U Cant Let Divatox Take Contral Of That Power

TJ Yes Aggred

The End/To Be Contined

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Phantom Ranger
Air date 9 May 1997
Written by User:Rest 23
Directed by User:Socking Is Fun :P
Episode Guide
New Rangers With Problens
Phantom Attack

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