Plot Edit

Gosei Is Shot By Argus And Posei Returns He Gives The Rangers Shit While They Face Argus'es Latest Warrior

Triva Edit

Vekar For The 3rd Time Did Not Appre

Transcript Edit

(Its Night Argus walks Into CC)

Argus Hello Mentor Of The Stinky Rangers

Gosei Who The fuck Oh No

(Argus Shoots Gosei)

Posei Yes I'm Back

Levira Did You Do It

Argus Yes Since Vekars Alseep We Will Do This Plan

Levira Yes Aggred

Troy Gosei You Called Us

Posei Yes I Did Since Your Power Rangers Protecking The World You Can Have A Day Off Oh Yeah 1st Kick Tensou Out

Troy Tensou Out

Tensou No Fuck you

(Troy Kicks Tensou Out)

Levira Come Magmet Warrior

MW Yes Levira I'm Here

Levira I Want You To Destrack Them Power Punks They Are So Annoying As Ever

MW Yes Levira I Will

Posei No Troy Stop Being A fucking fucking retart

Troy ?

Posei Fucking Fucking Retart

Troy Sersley

(In The Armada)

Argus This Plan Is Going Good With Vekar Out Of The Way Me And My Minuns Will Take Over

Levira Yes Aggred

MW Hello World Take This




(The 6 Rangers Arrive)

Orion Whos This Poza

MW I Am The Powerfulest Warrior On The Planet

Orion k

MW Now Suffer My Wrath

(Orion Slashs MW)

MW Don't Hurt Wanna Feel Pain




(Orion Falls & Unmorphs)

Orion Ugh fuck Hes Strong

MW Weak Silver Ranger Magmet Blast




(The 5 Unmorph)

MW Weaklings

Posei Rangers I'm Going To Get You On Smokes

Troy Yes

MW Ugh I'm Leaving (Retreats)

(In The Armada)

Argus Yes Your 1st Plan Sucseeded Now The Next Plan To Take Them Out

MW Yes Argus

Levira Go

MW Yes

Troy So Gosei Hows Evreything Going Looking After This Place

Posei Yes I Am

Orion Huh (Orion Hears Gosei In His Mind)

Gosei Orion That's Not Me Its My Simpleton Brother Hes A Damm fucknuckle

Orion k? Anything Else

Gosei Please Stop Him

Orion Guys That's Not Gosei

Posei Don't Listen To That Vermon His All Tallk

Troy What?

Orion Its Posei His Brother

Troy Oh Yeah You Told Us About Him A year Ago

Posei Laughs Yes And Now

(Turns Into Posei Warrior)

PW Laughs

Troy Super Force Mode Red

Gia Super Force Mode Yellow

Jake Super Force Mode Green

Emma Super Force Mode Pink

Noah Super Force Mode Blue

Orion Super Force Mode Silver

Posei Fools

Gia Super Cannon


Gosei Orion Actvate The Legendary Missile Cannon

Orion Legendary Missile Cannon Blast




(Posei Warrior Is Destroyed)

Orion Oh No

MW Laughs

Gosei Go Rangers

(The 6 Go They See MW)

MW Back For More

Orion Yeah To Shut Your Ass Up

MW Really Well Take This


(Orion Runs Up And Shoots Him Into Stone Then He Uses The Legendary Missile Cannon And Blasts MW With It)




Levira Ugh Another Fail Saterlight Beem

(MW Grows)

Troy Super Megastrike Megazord

Orion Thunderbolt Megazord

MW Laughs Stupid Idiots

Orion Thunderstruck Strike


Gosei Guys Use The SPD Megazord To Ramm That Bastard Up

Orion Yes Aggred Omega Megazord Omega Cannon





MW No-


Orion Awww Yeah

Argus Vekar Wont Be Happy

Levira Yes Aggred

Troy So Gosei You On The Right Way

Gosei No

Troy Lol

The End

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Air date 14 October 2014
Written by User:Omyx & User:OmniWill
Directed by User:Stranger26
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