Plot Edit

The 5 Fingers Of Posion Return And Gakkor Attacks The Rangers He Defeats Them RJ Gets A Plan To Stop Gakkor

Transcript Edit

Dai Shi/Jarrad Worthless Fools

Camlie Master Yes

Dai Shi/Jarrad Camlie babe Do One Thing For Me

Camlie And What is that

Dai Shi/Jarrad FUCK OFF

Camlie Yes

Dai Shi/Jarrad I5ts Time 5 Fingers Of Posion Come

Stangrage Yes Were Here

Todaty We Will Destroy The Rangers

Gakkor Starting Wth Me

Casey ugh Boo

RJ Casey Stop beiung Foolish

Casey Whatever

RJ ????


Gakkor Yes Destroction To The Unverse

Casey Lets Go

Gakkor Stupid Rangers Il Destroy them

Casey Over My Dead Body Cunt

Gakkor What RedRanger Ur Down


(Casey falls)

Gakkor See If U Can Handle This


Casey Saber

Gakkor Weak


Casey Ugh

JarrAd/DaIU sHIO tHAT RFuckking Cunt

Camlie Who

Dai Shi/Jarrad Gakkor

Gakkor Ur dead Meat

Jarrad/Dai Shi Fucking Cunt il Shut U up

Gakkor Im Going To Shut The Red Ranger Up

Casey Cannon Yes Now Suk On This Butty


Gakkor History-


Jarrad/Dai Shi You 4 Better Sucseed Jungle Power Ya


Gakkor Fuck Yea

Casey Jungle Megazord Saber


Gakkor No-


Today He Was Weak Any Way

Jarrad/Dai Shi Yes He Was

The End

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Air date 15 Feb 2008
Written by User:TheThreeEds21
Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Entrance Of The Rangers
Todys Sorwad

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