Plot Edit

Wth Tommy Gone Kim Cant Focus When The Rangers Face Lord Zedds Warrior But A Supprise Jumps In Later

Triva Edit

Tommy Returns As The White Ranger

Transcript Edit

Goldar Ugh Yes LZ Theres Only 5 Rangers

Lord Zedd Yes IK Of Foolish Green Rangers Powers Runninng Low

Goldar And Wat Abut The Others

Lord Zedd They Will Be Easy

Jason So Tommys Gone Now Well That Is Werid

Trini Yes

Ernie Tommys leaving

Kim Yus

By Warrior Its Time For The Fall Of The Rangers

Jason Saber Slash


By Warrior Hahahaha

Jason Ugh

Kim Oh

Jason Ya


Lord Zedd So The Power Rangers's Destroyed

By Warrior Its Time

Kim Ha


(kim unmorphs)

Zordon Itrs Time

(a mystif guy wallks in CC)

Jason Final Cannon


By Warrior Pathetic


(the 4 Unmorph)

By Warrior Falling Down To Ur Doom Time To Say Goodbye Rangers

Tommy Ha


Tommy Ur Times Up

By Warrior Wat A New Ranger Ur All History

LZ Make Him Grow

Kim Tommy

Tommy Yes M8

Jason Spring Megazord

By Warrior Yers Destroction

Jason Spring Ticket Its All Out On U

By Warrior Uh Oh


By Warrior Fool It Takes More Than That To Destroy Me

Tommy Uh Oh Guys Use The Flop Punch

By Warrior Ha

Jason Flop Punch


By Warrior Im Sorry Zedd-


Goldar Oh No I Must Hide

Zedd Ahhh IMust Find Him ROAR


Tommy Yes I Saved Em

Jason Wtf Was That

Zordon After The Fall Of The Green Ranger I Made The White Ranger Tommy Has Been A Good Ranger So I Put Him On The Team

Tommy Yes Now Were 6

Jason Forever

The End

Power Of The Fist
Season 2, Episode 28
A White Stranger
Air date 8 October 1994
Written by James W Bates
Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Green Plans Part 2
White Challages

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