Plot Edit

The Rangers Are Called Up For Duty Late Commander Fires Evreyone Of Him Being a imbercile While The Mighty Scorpuis Lands His Ship

Transcript Edit

Scorpuis Yes Ive Arrived Ahhh Furio U Have Me

Furio Yes It Was A New Generation Of Rangers

Scorpuis Yes Ive Got A Warrior Thatr Can Destroy Them Cost Warrior

CW Yes There Mine

Scorpuis Do Not RFail Me Or U Eat Myt Dust

Leo Well That Was Fun These Sabers Are Powerful

Mayu Yes The Old Man Died

Damon Yea Of Gastro Hahahaha

Furio If Scorpuis Wants Thewse Sabers Then He Can Hae Em

CW Want Some Rangers

Leo Its A Attack Go Glatic

Furio Rangers

Leo Oh Shit

Furio Yea Im Bak

Leo Saber Strike


Furio Pathetic


Leo Ugh

CW Ur Mine

Mayu Guys Lets CommbindThe Sabers For A Saber Milles

Lero Saber Milles


CW No-


Furio I Cant Do Anything Right These Seeds Will Make Thew Fuck Grow Seeds Ya


Furio Hahahaha Destroy Them Rangers My Warrior



Leo Wat A Megazord Yes Gate Megazord

Furio Wat

Mayu Gate Slash


CW So The Energey Of-


Furio Ugh (Leaves) Great Scorpuis I Failed U To GetThe Sabers And Rile The Galaxy Dont Worry That Will Be My Next Plan

Scorpuis Failer

Leio Yes Were Here

Commansder UR FIRED

The End

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Air date 19 Feb 1999
Written by Judd Lynn

William Fouracres User:Secret Plan

Directed by User:Of Ther 2
Episode Guide
Galaxy To A Universe
Leos Choise

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