Plot Edit

Bullk & Skull Are Captured By A Lighting Warrior While Jason Gets Jealous Of Zack

Transcript Edit

Rita Ugh Goldar U Have Failed Me For Ur Punichmeant U Can Leave

Goldar But Rita I Have A Lighting Warrior

Rita Fine You Gert One More Chance And If U RFail Ur Out

Goldar Go

Lighting Warrior Yes Goldar

Jason Um Ms Abley

Abley What Is It

Jason Bullk & Skull Are Fooling Around

Bullk Fucking Idiot

Skull Aggred

Bullk I'll Punch U For This

Skull Whatever

Abley BOYS

Skull U Want A Peace Of Me

Bullk Sure But U-


Jason See Ther Foolish

Goldar Rita Will Pay For Fucking Wth Me

Lighting Warrior Cards Attacks



Jason Ugh

Trini Wtf Was That

Lighting Warrior Ur Destroction

Jason It-

Zack No We Fucking Better Not

Jason Shutup I'l Mo-

Kim Hes Right

Jason Ugh Fine

Lighting Warrior I'll Take These 2 Wth Me

Jason No

Lighting Warrior Too Late (telports)

Jason They Took Bullk & Skull

Zordon jason I Heard U Were Going To Morph U Cant Morph Where Pepole Can See

Jason No That Was Zack Being A Dickhead

Zack No It Was U

Zordon EONGH It Dosrent Matter What Matters Now Is To Find Bullk & Skull

Jason Lets Get To Work Its Morphing Time

(jason arrives and others they See Bull & Skull ut it turns Out To Be Fake And Its a trap They Are Trapped In the cave)

Rita Yes Rangers

Sqatt Hahaha We Got The Rangers

Rita I'l Take The Pluser Of RFinshing Them

Goldar No Ther Mine

Rita Goldar Wtf Are U Doing

Goldar This



Goldar Laughs

Jason Power Sorwad


Goldar Ugh

Lighting Warrior No The Bullies Have Escaped

Jason The Final Cannon Will Shut U Up

Lighting Warrior Rlly


Rita No Goldar U Foiled My Plans Again Well This Is The Fucing Frist Time U Did Magic Wand Make My Monster Grow

Lighting Warrior Im Back

Jason Crok Megazord

Zack Lets Try A New Formation

Jason NO

Zack Ugh

Jason Yeah I Choose The Mode Warrior Mode

Zack no Jason We Have To Work Together

Jason Yes Fine

Zack & Jason Warrior Mode Final Strike


Lighting Warrior Rita Im Sorry-


Rita Teamwork Is So Pathetic

Abley U Guys Get Detion Caption Said


Jason Now Lets Get Bac

Abley Jason Eongh Wth Ur Girlfriends

Jason ugh Same Old Same Old

The End

Power Rangers Attack Plan
Season 1, Episode 7
Jason Gets Jealous (even in his megazord)
Air date 1 Feb 1994
Written by Judd Lynn

John Dimmaggio Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Attack On Rita
Where The Zord Attacks The Villians Plan

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