Charcters Edit

Tyler (Red Dino Charge Ranger)

Koda (Blue Dino Charge Ranger)

Chase (Black Dino Charge Ranger)

Shelby (Pink Dino Charge Ranger)

Riley (Green Dino Charge Ranger)

Ivan (Gold Dino Charge Ranger)

Prince Philp (Grey Dino Charge Ranger)

Kendall (Purple Dino Charge Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 Dino Might Returns

2 Tylers Dream

3 As Riley Takes The Bus

4 A Manchine Attack

5 Kendalls Failed Plan

6 Shelby Takes The Wig Off

7 Tylers New Dog

8 The Chase Move

9 The Ptera Fight

10 The Ptera Megazord Attack

11 A Gold Picker

12 Ivans Idea Fails

13 The Ivan Spell

14 Rileys Test

15 The Grey Fight

16 Kodas Last Choice

17 The Purple Clue

18 The Plesio Zord Crumbles

19 The Energems Bond Part 1

20 The Energems Bond Part 2

21 Tylers Stupid Halloween

22 A Super Mega Charge Christmas

Dino Charge
Dino Charge
General Information
Genre Power Rangers (Song)
Season(s) 22
Original run 21 Feb 2015 - 21 Nov 2015
Episodes 22
Starring Brennan Mejia

Camille Hyde Yoshi Sudarso Michael Taber James Davies Davi Santos

Created By Ernief Haim Saban & Judd Lynn
Written By Will Fouracres Haim Saban & Judd Lynn
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014) (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (Ernief) (2016)"

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