Plot Edit

After The Galaxy Crew Are Defeated The Planet Warriors Attack Earth Savro Gives The Rangers Super Powers So They Can Take On This New Threat

Rangers Edit

Brad (Red Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

George (Blue Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

Calvin (Green Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

Ashley (Yellow Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

Hayley (Pink Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

Jim (Gold Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

Bon (Silver Hostige Super Charge Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 Hostige Super Charge Power (Episode)

2 True Gold

3 The Last Jedi

4 The Imposted Mentor

5 Speed Of Sound

6 Chest Of Life

7 Evil Down The Pit

8 The Stronger The Tougher

9 Where The Thunderbolt Will Lie

10 The Project Of Eternity Power

11 A Dark Silver Fight Part 1

12 A Dark Silver Fight Part 2

13 The Silver Path

14 The Silver Teamwork

15 The Red Remote

16 A Revenged Return Part 1

17 A Revenged Return Part 2

18 A Warlord To Face

19 The Lost Memiorys

20 Stuck In A Moment

21 The Cursed Spell

22 A Magniff Artafact

23 A Unprogramed Star

24 A Acient Lie

25 Immortol Power

26 The Megazord Duel

27 Hostige Destroction

28 Hostige Fate

Zords Edit

Weapons Edit

Random Weapons

Omega Cannon

Villians Edit

Planet Warriors

Warlord Staion

Allies/Charcters Edit



Libary Lady

Miss Gash




Triva Edit

Power Rangers Hostige Charge & Hostige Super Charge
Hostige Formation Part 1 Hostige Formation Part 2 Brads Rules Savros Secret A Tracking Foe

A Rangers Leaddership The Green Fight A Gold Hostige A Red Jealousy GirlPower Parts & Peaces The Green Wizard A Bonic Upgrade Cy-Bonic Mode (episode) Jim Cant Stand The Beat Battleizer Power Frozen Essents Technoalgey Attack (Part 1) Commbinded Power (Part 2) Wishs To Wishs The Switched Bodys A Masters Plant To Grow The Cursed Mantion The Shrunken Rangers Beamsters War (Part 1) Imagine Something (Part 2) Hostige Super Charge Power True Gold The Last Jedi The Imposted Mentor Speed Of Sound Chest Of Life Evil Down The Pit The Stronger The Tougher Where The Thunderbolt Will Lie The Project Of Eternity Power A Dark Silver Fight Part 1 A Dark Silver Fight Part 2 The Silver Path The Silver Teamwork The Red Remote A Revenged Return Part 1 A Revenged Return Part 2 A Warlord To Face The Lost Memiorys Stuck In A Moment The Cursed Spell A Magniff Artafact A Unprogramed Star A Acient Lie Immortol Power The Megazord Duel Hostige Destroction Hostige Fate

Power Rangers Hostige Super Charge
Power Rangers Hostige Super Charge
General Information
Season(s) 2
Original run 18 April 2017 - 26 April 2017
Episodes 28
Created By User:Swap29
Written By User:Swap29
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Hostige Charge"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Space Power"

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