Jungle Fury
JR Cool
General Information
Genre Power Rangers (Song)
Season(s) 16
Original run 1 Feb 2008 - 12 Dec 2008
Episodes 28
Starring Jason Smith

Aljin Abella Anna Hutchison David de Lautour Nikolai Nikolaeff

Created By Ernief
Written By William Fouracres & Judy Remore
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Opreation Overdrive (2007) (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers RPM (2009) (Ernief)"

Rangers Edit

Casey (Red Jungle Fury Ranger)

Lilly (Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger)

Theo (Blue Jungle Fury Ranger)

RJ (Purple Jungle Fury Ranger)

Domnick (White Jungle Fury Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 The Jungle Returns

2 The Entrance Of The Rangers

3 Posion Returns

4 Todys Sorwad

5 Naja Begins

6 Raint It Part 1

7 Raint It Part 2

8 Stings Come Trow

9 Overlords Return (Part 1)

10 Overlords Curse (Part 2)

11The Spell Of Elmation Foughts

12 The Elmation Overlord

13 Strangness Comes

14 Cairnsaw Stings

15 A Brake To Handle

16 The Leadder Always Leads

17 Overlords Asambled Power Pt 1

18 Overlords Asambled Power Part 2

19 The Water Runs Out

20 Final Allsault Of The Overlords

21 The Phantom King Returns

22 Phones Of The Phantom

23 Freedom Of The Crystel Eyes

24 The Phantom Ambush

25 The Wolf Returns Part 1

26 The Wolf Returns Part 2

27 The Sprirt Invasion Part 1

28 The Sprirt Invasion Part 2

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