Lightspeed Rescue
Lightspeed Rescue Logo
General Information
Genre Power Rangers (Song)
Season(s) 8
Original run 12 Mar 2000 - 23 Nov 2000
Episodes 30
Starring Michael Chaturantabut

Rhett Fisher Sean Cw Johnson Alison MacInnis Keith Robinson Sasha Williams

Created By Jonathan Tzachor & Haim Saban Wth Ernief
Written By William Fouracres
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999) (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Time Force (Ernief) (2001)"

Rangers Edit

Carter (Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)

Dana (Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)

Ryan (Silver Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)

Joel (Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)

Chad (Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)

Kelsey (Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 Race To The Rescue

2 The Work Together Plan

3 Unleashed

4 Demons Above Marily Bay

5 Loki Attacks

6 The Prince Is Born

7 Demon Alreat

8 A Eyesight To See

9 Arking Away

10 A Plan Of Power (Lightspeed Rescue)

11 The Lost Morpher (Lightspeed Rescue)

12 Power Of The Morpher

13 Ryans Mission

14 Diablocciols Duel

15 The death Of Diablocciol

16 Prince Takes Over

17 The Princes Plan

18 The Duel (Part 1)

19 Finshing It (Part 2)

20 Deviot Returns

21 Diablocciol Returns

22 Prince Vs Demon King

23 The Queens Stand

24 Dork It

25 The Princes Final Stand (Lightspeed Rescue)

26 A Word To The Queen

27 Queen Vs The Planet

28 The Freze Plan

29 Final Allsault Part 1

30 Final Allsault Part 2

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