Lost Galaxy
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General Information
Genre To Power Rangers
Season(s) 7
Original run 12 Feb 1999 - 12 Dec 1999
Episodes 26
Starring Archie Kao

Reggie Rolle Danny Slavin Valerie Vernon/Melody Perkins Cerina Vincent Russell Lawrence

Created By Will Fouracres Haim Saban & Ernief
Written By Ernief & Jonathan Tzachor
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers In Space 1998 (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 2000 (Ernief)"

Rangers Edit

Lewo (Red alaxy Ranger)

Kendrix/Karone (Pink Galaxy Ranger)

Kai (Blue Galaxy Ranger)

Damon (Green Galaxy Ranger)

Maya (Yellow Galaxy Ranger)

Mike (Manga Defender II)

Manga Defender (ally)

Episodes Edit

1 Galaxy To A Universe

2 The Power Of The Saber

3 Leo's Choise

4 The Galaxy Quest

5 A Reapless Way

6 Power Struggle

7 Lights Of Power (Part 1)

8 Power Mode (Part 2)

9 Kendrixs Trust

10 Reasons

11 The Defender Sorwad (Part 1)

12 The 6th Power (Part 2)

13 Fighting Off The Stingwingers

14 MIKE! The Cabel Burned Out

15 The Sad Moment

16 The New Pink Ranger (Episode)

17 Pink Power

18 Letters To An American Friend

19 Not Possable

20 Saber Of The Hills

21 The Erc Begins..... (Part 1)

22 Ercing It (Part 2)

23 Easier Way To Finsh The Suits Off (Part 3)

24 Galaxys End (Part 4)

25 The End Of The Galaxy Part 1 (Part 5)

26 The End Of The Galaxy Part 2 (Part 6)

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