Mystic Force
Mystic Force Yay Its Back
General Information
Genre Here Come The Power Rangers
Season(s) 14
Original run 30 Jan 2006 - 12 Dec 2006
Episodes 24
Starring Firass Dirani

Angie Diaz Richard Brancatisano Melanie Vallejo Nic Sampson John Tui

Created By Will Fouracres & Judy Remore
Written By Ernief
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers SPD (2005) (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Opreation Overdrive (2007) (Ernief)"

Rangers Edit

Nick (Red Mystic Force Ranger)

Madson (Blue Mystic Force Ranger)

Vida (Pink Mystic Force Ranger)

Daggron (Gold Mystic Force Ranger)

Leanbow (Red (Dark red) Mustic Force Ranger)

Undonna (White Mystic Force Ranger)

Xander (Green Mystic Force Ranger)

Chip (Yellow Mystic Force Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 The Mystic School Part 1

2 The Mystic School Part 2

3 A Fathers Destiny

4 Nick Where Did The Cows Go

5 The Magic That Lies Beenth Bairwood

6 A Magic Sorse (Episode)

7 The Power Of The Wond

8 Power Mode (Mystic Force)

9 The Story Of Daggron

10 A Rule Of Morticons

11 Imperious Remains

12 Daggreon Returns

13 Daggreons Story

14 Koragg Vs Daggreon

15 Koraggs Contral

16 The Mystic Titan Battle Part 1

17 The Mystic Titan Battle Part 2

18 Imperious's Words

19 10 Terrors Asamble

20 A Terror To Get Rid Of

21 Dreamacke

22 Terror War

23 A Terror Finale Part 1

24 A Terror Finale Part 2

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