Ninja Storm
Ninja Storm
General Information
Genre Go Power Rangers
Season(s) 11
Original run 24 Feb 2003 - 30 Nov 2003
Episodes 26
Starring Pua Magasiva

Sally Martin Glenn McMillan Adam Tuominen Jorgito Vargas, Jr. Jason Chan

Created By Sam Remore & Judy Remore Wth Will Fouracres
Written By Will Fouracres
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Wild Force (Ernief) (2002)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Dino Thunder (Ernief) (2004)"

Rangers Edit

Shane (Red Wind Ninja Ranger)

Tori (Blue Wind Ninja Ranger)

Dustin (Yellow Wind Ninja Ranger)

Hunter (Red Thunder Ninja Ranger)

Blake (Blue Thunder Ninja Ranger)

Cam (Green Samurai Ninja Ranger

Episodes Edit

1 The Ninja School

2 The Teaching

3 The Thunders Come

4 Attack Of The Thunder Rangers Pt 1

5 Attack Of The Thunder Rangers Part 2

6 Seeds Of Power

7 The Ambush Of Kelzacks

8 Thunder Teamwork

9 Vexacus's Land

10 Chooboos Vengence

11 Shimzea Comes

12 The Sensai Knows Best

13 Ninja Trainng

14 A Green Entrance

15 Green Power

16 Motodrone Bikes Away

17 The Ninja Plan Part 1

18 The Ninja Plan Part 2

19 Old School Ways!

20 A True Ninja

21 Zurganes Reath Part 1

22 Zurganes Reath Part 2

23 Vengenace Of Vexacus

24 The Desk Of Bikes

25 The Fate Of Ninja School Part 1

26 The Fate Of Ninja School Part 2

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