Opreation Overdrive
OO Cool
General Information
Genre Power Rangers (Song)
Season(s) 15
Original run 31 Jan 2007 - 11 Nov 2007
Episodes 28
Starring James Maclurcan

Caitlin Murphy Samuell Benta Rhoda Montemayor Gareth Yuen Dwayne Cameron

Created By Ernief & Judy Remore
Written By William Fouracres
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Mystic Force 2006 (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008) (Ernief)"

Rangers Edit

Mack (Red Opreation Overdrive Ranger)

Rose (Pink Opreation Overdrive Ranger)

Ronny (Yellow Opreation Overdrive Ranger)

Will (Black Opreation Overdrive Ranger)

Dax (Blue Opreation Overdrive Ranger)

Tyzonn (Silver Opreation Overdrive Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 The Return Of Overdrive

2 Macks Choise

3 A Cold Way To Go

4 Kamdor Returns

5 Dax On The Loose

6 Fearcats Unite

7 Dead End To The Great Way

8 Flash Of The Mode

9 The Heart Of The Warrior

10 Tyzonn Returns

11 Elctro Mode (Ep)

12 A Redemation Of Tyzonn

13 Fearcats Away Pt 1

14 Fearcats Away Part 2

15 War To The Rangers

16 Kamdors Sorwad

17 Star Power (Ep)

18 Moltors Plan

19 Closer To the Gem As they get....Part 1

20 Closer To the Gem As they get....Part 2

21 Miratrixs Readeem

22 Flurios's Attack

23 Moltor The Larva Lizards And The Fire Kindom Part 1

24 Moltor The Larva Lizards And The Fire Kindom Part 2

25 Flurios'es Ambush

26 Kamdor's Move

27 The Cold Way Part 1

28 The Cold Way Part 2

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