RPM m8
General Information
Genre Power Rangers (Song)
Season(s) 17
Original run 21 Feb 2009 - 14 Nov 2009
Episodes 24
Starring Eka Darville

Ari Boyland Rose McIver Milo Cawthorne Daniel Ewing Mike Ginn Li Ming Hu

Created By Judd Lynn Ernief & Will Fouracres Wth Judy Remore
Written By Will Fouracres & Judd Lynn
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Ernief) (2008)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Samurai (2011) (Ernief)"

Rangers Edit

Scott (Red RPM Ranger)

Summer (Yellow RPM Ranger)

Flynn (Blue RPM Ranger)

Dillon (Black RPM Ranger)

Ziggy (Green RPM Ranger)

Gem (Gold RPM Ranger)

Gemma (Silver RPM Ranger)


1 RPM Returns

2 Scotts Data

3 The General Attacks

4 The Manchine To The eye

5 Level Up

6 The RPM Trainners

7 The Saber Of Power

8 The Power Lies....

9 Cant Go With The Flow

10 Gold Alreat (Part 1)

11 Silver Alreat (Part 2)

12 The Script Of Warriors

13 Resist Of Evil

14 Its Only About The Throne

15 Mad To The Token

16 The Shiffter Program (Episode)

17 Bang To The Head

18 A Viros To Watch For

19 Kingdom Remains

20 As A Generation Flips Over

21 Venjix Attacks

22 The Viros Sorwad

23 The Ultimate Viros Part 1

24 The Ultimate Viros Part 2

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