SPD Me Sad No 20 Annons In the corner
General Information
Genre SPD Emergcay
Season(s) 13
Original run 27 Feb 2005 - 12 Oct 2005
Episodes 24
Starring Brandon Jay McLaren

Chris Violette Matt Austin Monica May Alycia Purrott John Tui

Created By Judy Remore & Will Fouracres
Written By Ernief
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Dino Thunder (Ernief) (2004)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Mystic Force 2006 (Ernief)"

Rangers Edit

Jack (Red SPD Ranger)

Sky (Blue SPD Ranger)

Bridge (Green SPD Ranger)

Syd (Pink SPD Ranger)

Z (Yellow SPD Ranger)

Doggie Crugger (Shadow Silver SPD Ranger)

Sam (White Omgea SPd Ranger)

Nova (Nova SPD Ranger)

Boom (Orange SPD Ranger)

Charlie (Evil SPD Red Ranger)

(Blue Evil SPD Ranger)

(Green Evil SPD Ranger)

(Pink Evil SPD Ranger)

(Yellow Evil SPD Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 SPD Begins

2 A Badge To Get

3 The Ways Of A Codedt

4 The Evil SPD Rangers Pt 1

5 The Evil SPD Rangers Pt 2

6 The Evil SPD Rangers Pt 3

7 The Orange Mystory

8 The Press Of The Ex-Skull

9 The Sadow Mystory

10 Shadow Time Part 1

11 Shadow Time Part 2

12 The Shadow Secret

13 Jack Gets The Frist Knock

14 The Orange Dubet

15 Crugger Took On The Boss

16 The Omgea Ranger Returns Pt 1

17 The Omgea Ranger Returns Pt 2

18 Omgea Confress

19 Kat-Up

20 Survive For The A-Sqad

21 The Kat Fight

22 The Cricle Of Power Part 1

23 The Cricle Of power Part 2

24 SPD Ends

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