Rangers Edit

Jayden (Red Samurai Ranger)

Kevin (Blue Samurai Ranger)

Mike (Green Samurai Ranger)

Mia (Pink Samurai Ranger)

Emliy (Yellow Samurai Ranger)

Antino (Gold Samurai Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 Revelation Of A Samurai (Part 1)

2 The Samurai Returns (Part 2)

3 A True Samurai (Ep)

4 The Stand Of The New Zord

5 The Yellow Touch

6 The Deker Plan

7 Traitful Of The Succsion

8 The Gold Octozord Found

9 Attack Of The Octozord Pt 1

10 Attack Of The Octozord Pt 2

11 Who Needs A Gold Ranger

12 Trust Or triumph

13 The ClawZord Attacks Part 1

14 The Claw Zord Attacks Part 2

15 Regation Of A True Samurai

16 A Young Samurais Path

17 Reflection Of Glass

18 The Symboll Comes Loose

19 Friction (Ep) (Pt 1)

20 Strenth To The Ones (Part 2)

21 The Ghost Who Hants Halloween

22 Christmas Chase

Samurai Cool
General Information
Genre Go Go Power Rangers
Season(s) 18
Original run 12 Feb 2011 - 1 Nov 2011
Episodes 22
Starring Alex Heartman

Erika Fong Hector David Jr. Najee De-Tiege Brittany Anne Pirtle Steven Skyler

Created By Jonathan Tzachor Ernief & Will Fouracres
Written By Will Fouracres
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers RPM (Ernief) (2009)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Super Samurai (Ernief) (2012)"

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