Time Force
Time Force
General Information
Genre Time Force
Season(s) 9
Original run 30 Jan 2001 - 11 Nov 2001
Episodes 28
Starring Jason Faunt

Erin Cahill Kevin Kleinberg Deborah Estelle Philips Michael Copon Daniel Southworth

Created By User:Ernief0000 & Will Fouracres
Written By Judd Lynn & Ernief With Jonathan Tzachor
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 2000 (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers Wild Force (Ernief) (2002)"

Rangers Edit

Wes (Red Time Force Ranger)

Lucas (Blue Time Force Ranger)

Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)

Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)

Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)

Eric (Red Qautem Ranger)

Episodes Edit

1 The Time Force Comes

2 Back To 2001

3 Wes's Engmeants

4 Jens Place To Handle

5 The Sorwad Of Sparro

6 Sorwads Power

7 The Sorwad To The Rangers

8 Colion Of A Colion

9 The Qautem Morpher (Episode)

10 Eric Returns

11 The Q-Rex Zord To The Power

12 Wes And The Escape

13 Ransik Attacks

14 Gluto's Punichmeant

15 Fraxs Foolishness

16 The Armmor Of Elctro

17 Lightspeed Returns Part 1

18 Lightspeed Returns Part 2

19 The Horses Battleizer

20 Fraxs Plan

21 Alex Returns

22 Wes Vs Alex

23 A Red Morpher To Fight For

24 Ransiks Plot

25 The Rangers Story

26 The Defeat Of Frax

27 The End Of The Time Force Rangers Part 1

28 The End Of The Time Force Rangers Part 2

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