Turbo Logo
General Information
Genre Shift Into Turbo
Season(s) 5
Original run 12 Feb 1997 - 23 Nov 1997
Episodes 32
Starring Johnny Yong Bosch/Roger Velasco

Jason David Frank/Selwyn Ward Blake Foster Catherine Sutherland/Patricia Ja Lee Nakia Burrise/Tracy Lynn Cruz

Created By Judd Lynn Haim Saban & Shuki Levy
Written By Will Fouracres & Ernief
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Power Rangers Zeo 1996 (Ernief)"
Succeeded by
"Power Rangers In Space (Ernief) (1998)"

Rangers Edit

Tommy/TJ (Red Turbo Ranger)

Adam/Carlos (Green Turbo Ranger)

Tanya/Ashley (Yellow Turbo Ranger)

Kat/Cassie (Pink Turbo Ranger)

Justin (Blue Turbo Ranger)

Blue Sertina (ally)

Phantom Ranger (ally)

Episodes Edit

1 Turbo Up

2 The Punch On

3 Hall Of Fame

4 Weeb At Work

5 A Police Entrance

6 Police Patrol

7 After The Reuion

8 Last Fight Pt 1

9 Last Fight Part 2

10 New Rangers Wth Problens

11 Phantom Entrance

12 Phantom Attack

13 The Ruby Of Doom

14 Rubys Power

15 Battleizer Mode

16 Orb Of Power

17 Hunting Down The Orb

18 Orb Mode

19 Red Catch

20 Robot Rangers Are Back Pt 1

21 Robot Rangers Are Back Pt 2

22 Elgars Attack

23 15th Power

24 Rangers Down

25 A Little Plot

26 Portos News

27 The Final Erc (Part 1)

28 Attack To The Rangers (Ernief Turbo) (Part 2)

29 Powees Of Oz (Part 3)

30 Command Allusault (Part 4)

31 Ending The Line Part 1 (Part 5)

32 Ending The Line Part 2 (Part 6)

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