Plot Edit

As Randall Dose A Speech About The Rules Of The School Tommy Byes The Kids KFC And Bees A Funny Little Fucker

Triva Edit

Dino Thunder Ep

Mesogog Anton Elsa & Zeltrax Do Not Appre In This Ep

Transcript Edit

(It Opens Up Outside The School)

Randall Now We Will Be Doing The Rules Of The School

Conner Um Is It Trow Poo On The School Classroom Window


Conner Im Not Fired Because I Got A Girlfriend Right Here Btw Im A Kid Its My Partents Choise

(Tommy Arrives)

Tommy Ello I Brought KFC

Conner Fuck

Tommy Yes Aggred Now Dig Into Some Popcorn Chiken

(The Kids Run Over To The KFC And Be Pigs)

Randall Tommy What The Fuck Is This

Tommy Its My Verble Dyrea


Tommy Fuck Off

(The Kids Leave)

Tommy Did I Get Some

(The Bucket Is Empty)

Tommy Fuck Them Greedy Cunts

The End

Princeable Randalls Speach
Season 1, Episode 4
Tommy Ethan Conner Kira Trent & Randall (Tommy Brings KFC For The Kids While Randalls Doing A Speach)
Air date 11 Feb 2017
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
Episode Guide
Coles New Colur
The Ninja Kung Fu Master

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