Plot Edit

The Queen Attacks The Rangers Again And Defeats Them Loki & Diablociol Go To The Stone While This Is Happing

Transcript Edit

Mitchell Rangers Vypra Has Been Destroyed

Carter Wow Cool

Mitchell So Wth 2 Villians Down Theres 4 Villians Left So We Must Be Caufel

Carter Aggred

QB Diablocciol

Dia Yes My Queen

QB Destroy The Rangers

Dia No U Go

QB Fine

Carter So Now Wat

Mitchell Fairweather The Time Has Come The Rot Blasters

Fairweather These r The Rot Blasters

Ryan A attack

QB Hello Rangers

Ryan Wtf r U Doing Here

QB Uh Nothing But This


Ryan Ugh

Dia Loki & Jinxer Lets Go After The Stone

Loki Aggred The Rangers & Banshira Will Pay

Ryan Rot Blasters




QB Fool


Carter Cannon


QB No U Wont Beat Me

Dia Yes Were Nearly There

To Be Contined......

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 22 November 2000
Written by User:Cord33


Directed by User:Pillowcokie
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A Word To The Queen
The Freze Plan

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