Plot Edit

Camlie Is Attacked By Raintpage He Kiddnappes Casey Theo & Lilly Must Rescue Him But He has A trap Waiting For him

Transcript Edit

Camlie Ha Get Out There

Raintpage Yes Ha Master Dai Shi

Jarrad/Dai Shi Fool Get The Rangers For me Other Wise U Will End Up Like The Other Posions

Casey So Watcha Making

RJ Its a Trace Sorwad

Casey Oh Ok

Raintpage Yes Now Il Attack the City

Casey Were Here

Raintpage Ranger Ur Down


(Casey Unmorphs)

Raintpage Get Up Il Use U For My Plan

Lilly Casey No

Raintpage Yes Here u Go Ya

Casey ugh Wtf

Raintpage Time For U To Be Destroyed

Jarrad/Dai Shi What Is This U Got 1 Ranger I Want All 3

Raintpage Yes And

Jarrad/Dai Shi U Better Get All 3 Or u Will Suffer

Casey ugh y

Lilly Oh No Caseys Gone

Theo We Must Track Him

Raintpage Its Time I Have Captured U

Casey Ugh What Do U Want

Lilly The Monster Attack Was Here

Stingrage Yes It Was


Lilly Ugh

(Lilly & Theo Unmorph)

Stingrage Fool

Raintpage Now To Steer My Soap What Fools That idiot Il Destroy Her

Stingrage Ya


Stingrage Ur Weak

Raintpage No


Stingrage Raintpage Wtf r U Doing Here

Raintpage What r U Doing This Is My Attack

Stingrage Yea It Was

Raintpage And Now Ur Going To Fall


Stingrage Il Be Bak Another Day Fool (Retreats)

Raintpage Yes And Now For U Rangers

Lilly No

Theo Saber


Raintpage Ugh...There Gone Losseras

Lilly Ugh My Head

Theo RJ Were Coming Bak

RJ Wheres Casey

Theo Captured

To Be Contined

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Air date 12 March 2008
Written by User:OmniDragon10/User:Death88
Directed by User:Stranger26
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Raint It Part 2

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