Plot Edit

Divatoxs Warrior Takes Down All The Rangers Dimatra Gives The Rangers The Fire Gun And They Defeat The Warrior Wth The Fire Gun

Transcript Edit

Divatox Porto Its Time How Many Warriors I Got Ugh 6 Or 7 Curses

Rygog Divatox We Need Plans

Lamp Warrior Il Take Out The Rangers They Will Be Easy

Divatox Go

Rygog Im Going To Finsh My Duel Wth The Red RANGER

TJ So Dimatra Whatts Our Next Step

Dimastra Oiur Last & Final Weapon

TJ Watts That

Dimatra The Fire Gun

TJ Oh No

Dimatra Yes TJ

Justin That Hasnt Been Heard From Since Power Rangers Mystic Force Where They Turned It Into The Fire Heart

TJ Lets Go Get It

BS Aggred

Dimatra Um Rangers A Attack

LW Rangers I Want A Duel

Rygog Me Too Wth The Red Ranger

LW Fight Us

TJ Im Going After The Fire Gun

Dimatra No Actley Go Out

TJ kk

Rygog Red Ranger IK U Come

TJ This Is Our Final Foight

Rygog Yes It Will Be Good

TJ Lets Go Turbo Up Orb Mode

Rygog Tastle My Sorwad


TJ Cannon


Rygog Miss Me

Cassie Hey LW

LW Wat

Cassie Orb Final Strike


LW Pathetic

Dimatra BS & PR Go Out & Take The Rangers New Fire Gun

BS Yes

TJ Ugh

Rygog Yes Red Ranger Ur Dead


Rygog Wat

PR TJ Catch

Rygog Wat The Fire Gun

PR Fire Gun Ur History


Rygog Ugh No Im Going We'll Finsh Our Duel Another Day

PR Now For The Warrior

LW Wats This

PR Fire Gun


LW Ahhh Rangers (Goes Big) IL SQASH U

TJ Orb Megazord

LW Take This


(Megazord Falls)

LW Goodbye

TJ Saber Strike


TJ Fire Gun Bitg Mode

LW Wat


LW No-


TJ Yes His History

Divatox I Have Only 6 Warriors Left Freaking Idiot The Rangers Will Pay

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 10 November 1997
Written by User:Samueljoo


Directed by User:Ernief0000
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15th Power
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